Friday, January 26, 2007

Moving Day - T minus 3 days and counting

I haven't written in forever. I know.
Too many things have happened. Nothing in particular has happened. Things have soured with some. Things are sweet, mostly.

What's there to write about? well......

I'm moving on Monday.
---After almost four years in my first real New York apartment, I am moving to my first real New York apartment. My own apartment. My first.. own apartment. Yes, it's true. It seems that I have gone from the cradle to today with housemates. Be they parents, friends or girlfriends, I've always lived with someone. And now? no. Well.. ok, yes. But these housemates stand a whopping 8" high, shed a lot and demand my attention constantly. No, not Esra (and my other girlfriend)... the boys. Where are you moving, you ask? Or maybe you dont ask. Which is OK - you know I'll be telling you anyway. I'm moving to Mulberry Street between Spring and Houston.
---It's very exciting. And somewhat exhausting... for, you see, it is an apartment, the vertical location of which conjures the dreaded words that no delivery man or visiting friend or parent ever wants to hear .... "6th floor walk-up". As in "it is on the 6th floor"; As in "you must now climb 6 flights of stairs to reach me"; As in "I am sorry I did not remind you before you came over, but now, you are here and you have no choice but to get sweaty climbing stairs to see me". As seen from outer space, my apartment is exactly here. Please, do not fire laser beams or drop things from outer space on my apartment. Also, my apartment is not exactly where that green arrow is. I'm sure you can imagine, I do not live exactly on a 1 inch square at the corner of that building. If you are, contrary to my plea for safety, trying to drop objects on me from outer space, you will have to aim a little lower in that image. Facing the building, my apartment is in the top right portion.
---While the vertical location will probably have me cursing almost daily, the horizontal location on the other hand, could hardly be better. Why? Let me tell you. For those interested in star sightings, I will be able to stare creepily look into David Bowie's apartment here, from my bedroom and kitchen. My living room looks directly onto the tv-famous(?) Puck Building (where Grace of Will & Grace "worked"). For those interested in subway access (you know who you are!), I will have F/V, JMZ access and 6 train access, as well as numerous cross town bus access along Houston. Need a pool hall? Restaraunts, delis, laundry? all within one on my block. Shopping? The main shopping drag of Broadway is two blocks away. Little Italy? Two blocks south of me. Chinatown? two blocks beneath that. East Village? Technically, it's two blocks to the East. Need a gym? I'm joining a YMCA (with a pool and volleyball twice a week!) 2 blocks away. You like views? ok, who doesn't? my roof has a 360 view of all the goods - Empire State, Chrysler, downtown buildings, Brooklyn, you name it. (alright, do not name places in Europe - be serious, please.. for the children)
---As you can clearly see, I will soon be the coolest person who ever lived. While this was already true, it's even more already true simply because I say it is. Needless to say, I'm very excited.
........More later