Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wedding registry

As if you, in your most omniscient state, somehow did not know we were getting married (here, by the way .. more details here by the way again)...

We're registered at
and at:
and at:
Bed Bath and Beyond
and at:

enter in Dayani in Registry search fields to find us.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Istanbul photos, 2008

the slideshow below moves a little fast - you can mouse over it and pause-and-play at your own speed or you can double click on the slideshow to bring up the pictures as thumbnails that you can view however you like.
I wrote the following postcard (and a variation of it) and then liked it so much I didn't want to just mail it off and not remember what I said so I umm.. photocopied it ... so I could transcribe it here:
Merhaba from Istanbul -
Wow. It's a different world here. Mosques & minarets, towers & tall apartments, restaraunts & cafes, kitties & more kitties, stray dogs - but mostly kitties - everywhere. Trams & trains & busses and ferries upon ferries crossing the Bosphorous, dodging small and large fishing and commercial vessels, large tankers, cruise ships - with seagulls everywhere. Not just over water but the city itself. A strange hyper-Europe with Middle East backdrop - or maybe it's the other way around. Our first flat overlooks it all. Ok, not all, but a lot. Four of the 'main' mosques, markets, the Bosphorous & Galata tower from our bedroom. 7 flights of stairs but worth it (once you're up the stairs at least). Yesterday was sightseeing at mosques & Topkapi Palace and then dinner & coffees with Esra's "auntie", shopping on Istiklal Cad and walking, walking and more. Today we ferry to meet up with Esra's cousin & later her mom, dad & more Aunts & Uncles. Thursday we do the hamam (steam/bathhouses) and Saturday is the big engagement dinner. Looking out at the view now, I'm amazed I can write anything at all - there is so much richness of detail, So much to see and hear everywhere. Muzzeyin's call out prayer 5x a day which only adds to the other-worldliness of it all,
Until next time (when we're all here together!)
Kory & Esra