Monday, March 28, 2005

Iran films, more zombies, hot wings

I'm going to see these two films next Tuesday, check them out if they play in your town:
--Nusrat: A Voice from Heaven 2000. Giuseppe Asaro. 78 min. English. Nusrat brings us the greatest modern interpreter of mystical Qawwali music, the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. What emerges, through interviews with Nusrat himself, and with the musicians who helped bring his work to Western audiences, is more than just the portrait of one man. Nusrat is also a probing exploration of the philosophy underlying the Sufi music of Pakistan. A performance by Nusrat’s son, Rahat provides eloquent testimonial to the endurance of that legacy.
--The Voice of Iran: Mohammad Reza Shajarian 2002. Christian Braad Thomsen. 98 min. U.S. Premier! A spotlight on the great classical singer Mohammad Reza Shajarian, whose music reaches 800 years back into Persian history. Shajarian is a master of improvised ornament, whose deeply rooted spirituality, and sensitivity to the mood of the moment, creates music of astounding beauty. To be in Shajarian’s audience is to be transported back to Persian courts of old, ruled once more by the wit and poignance of the greatest Iranian poets – Rumi, Sadi and Hafez. Between songs, Shajarian talks about his inspiration, explains the meaning of the songs and discusses the poets behind them.

In the spirit of Easter, DO NOT see this film (warning, this may be the most sacreligious thing you'll wish you never looked at) . My friends, they know I love the zombies so....

Yet another reason to come to New York.

sometimes, I think I think too much about food:
++ I just typed this in an IM to Elizabeth: do they have sushi boats [restaraunts] in seattle? i still haven't found any here. and i've broadened my search to all the boroughs even. what the F? how could over 12 million people NOT know the importance of food that FLOATS in front of you!
++ In preparation for some Atomic [hot] Wings tonight, I just typed this sentence in an IM to my roommate: must get lunch to suitably prepare stomach for maximum hot wing attack. [air raid sirens!] Maximum Hot Wing Attack Comencing!! Ya. ok. I love hot wings. almost as much as zombies love brains.
++ I'm also price comparison shopping Nutella prices at various stores in the area. 'Cause, you know.. if I spend an extra 40 cents for Nutella, it wont taste as good, I guess.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

neck cricks ...

I have a neck crick. Ya. it sucks bigtime. it's not the cant-turn-left-or-right kind, it's the cant-tilt-head-back kind. it's not even massage-able, it feels like it's been alien-implanted directly into the vertebrae of my spine.

my friend Johanna theorized that maybe neck cricks suck more than ..say, injured legs 'cause it's closer to the head ...
to which, in my usual genius observation style, I said:
i know whatcha mean.. the neck being closer to the head & all but i also get the impression it has something to do with old caveman tendencies, like if i had to fight a bear right now? i couldn't. i would totally get eaten by a bear.

- it may just be my genius mental delivery that makes that so kick-ass awesome. orrrrr I may have struck on the fact that getting eaten by a bear is hilarious.
---- who knew?

OVERHEARD (for the DMChronicles)
+ Louise, hellllo! what do you think?? my daughter doesn't go on booty calls??? HELLO?!??! Hi, I'm not stupid!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

two cover letters for jobs

I've been going through some past emails, looking for examples of my absolute unrivalled genius and maybe some inspiration for more writings. Needless to say, it's all amazing, but I'll be including a piece here & there going forward.

I wish I still had the link to the writing job listing 'cause it was hilarious. Which is why I sent them the following... They tongue-in-cheek said they were seeking well travelled, career driven freaks into ladder climbing and monosyllabic writing.

Hi Hello...

I should start off by saying that I'm not career-driven nor freakish in my ladder climbing, so that would make me 0 for 2 however, I -would- love to write for Gawker Media's urban travel blog, Gridskipper. As proof of my mastery of monosyllabic communication, take this: I write well, you will see. and this: Well is how I write, uh-huh. and some of this: I am so the one who writes well, you dont even know. You're blown away, aren't you? It's ok, I have that effect on people. I travel, I will admit, moderately. If paid to travel, I travel on command. Faster, even. I am ridiculously urban obsessed to the point of stalking urbanity in only a raincoat. I not only work in my pajamas, I sleep in them - among other things I might or might not do in pajamas. I know my way around the web like I know the palm of my hand... and trust me, I kno... ahem.. ya.
My style is unorthodox but definitely has a voice. Or so I've been told. Which could useful to your site. Or not. Sadly, I lack professional experience but with a good editor, I believe I could
serve your slave needs quite well.

A few urban pieces from my blog:
- [sent them a link to some of my preferred journal entries]

they're all a bit antiseptic so as not to greatly offend parents and relatives but I can most certainly drop the self-editing, if needed.

Let me know what you think....
-Kory Dayani

strange, but I never heard back.
(still, it was fun typing that up)

Here's another cover letter I wrote. Really, whether it's successful or not, I highly recommend doing the absolute-honesty-approach from time to time. You feel so much better about yourself having done it:

Hello there...

I am interested in being a part of the 1iota team, it's true. Depending on the position(s) available, that is. Can you let me know what is? available, I mean.

I've attached my resume but feel free to delete it without reviewing it and simply know that I will be perfect for the job you're trying to fill. Because I will. You dont even know. But I'll show
you. Ohw ya. I went to school for documentary film, using an American Studies major as a vehicle to learn film skills... so it of course makes sense that I've been working in the telecommunications world for the past 7 years.

If I made you smile at all with any of the above, it was worth not kissing ass with a boring emailed cover letter.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Real world Raider Shouldering / FJ & HB's webpages

Various Random Things to Think About While Thinking About Things:

*Raider shoulders arent just for shouldering:
- it's going to make you log in to view the article, enter freenyt as both username and password.

*Flapjack and Hambone designed webpages for themselves while I was at work. They are flippin' LIARS, I tell you. but good ones, I guess.
Flapjack's webpage -
Hambone's webpage -

-- That's all. I seem to not be in much of a writing mood lately. One of my phases, I reckon.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

snow/ice, DavidCross, zombies, nutella, the Gates

A few things about things:
+ I haven't written for a while.
+ We had another great blizzard on Monday. a total white-out. At least I think it was a white out. It was white ... out. that makes it a white-out, I think. I was in heaven, everyone else was in hell. chilly hell. Honestly, there were moments that even -I- did not enjoy it. Mostly those moments centered around ultra-miniature icicles slamming into my face and eyeballs at 55 miles per hour.
+ I slipped and fell on the ice. finally. My first time this season. In front of a girl I was on a date with, even! Wow, that was awesome. To make it even better, I spilled a full glass of wine all over myself. "All" over, you ask? yes. "all". Actually, it was pretty hilarious. I really dont think I got a single drop anywhere except on my jacket and pants. It turns out that the snowfall on my roof melts slightly during the day then freezes at night. If it were thicker, we'd have a rooftop ice rink.
+ David Cross' cd made me cry laughing last night. I dare you not to do the same listening to it.
+ I've recently come to terms with the fact that I love zombie movies. A lot. They're hilarious, they're not at all scary, they're entertaining and they're formulaic to a T. In the past year I've seen (in order of awesomeness): Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead (remake of the 1978 classic), 28 Days Later, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 - if you only see one of the above, see Shaun of the Dead - it is abso-f'n-lutely hilarious.
+ I bought a sandwich press. And I am pressing sandwiches like nobody's business. Savory, sweet - whatever. It can make two sandwiches at a time, it presses them, sealing the edges and crosssecting them into little triangle sandwiches. I wont even describe the savory ones 'cause I make them so often and with widely varying ingredients (usually involving at least: carmelized onion, roasted red pepper, one type of white cheese (mozzerella, parmesan, feta, gruyere, etc)) but the sweet ones... or sweet ONE I should say is... hold on, I just started drooling (see next item)
+ I have discovered Nutella. Not 'discovered' like Marie Curie and her experiments with radiation... more like .. Christopher Columbus 'discovery' of a land already inhabitted by a race of people. Except that I wont be claiming Nutella for Spain. I -will- be claiming Nutella to be delicious. Because it is. And a curious thing has happened... I had previously never really understood people's fascination with chocolate. I could always take it or leave it (usually leaving it) and never understood that mental "click" that happens, that starry-eyed, eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head kind of tasty-goodness-pleasure that I've experienced with, say... a perfectly ripe kiwi or a great piece of dehydrated mango, where they hit all the right buttons in your mouth and send you into a moment of exctasy. Nutella pressed sandwiches are now added to the list. I put a half of a banana, sliced thin in between the two Nutella'd pieces of bread and press the sandwich for 5-6 minutes but banana isn't necessary to get the Nutella-goodness. Nutella, where have you been all my life?
+ The Gates were pretty cool. I guess. Mostly, it was a spectacle of artsy-fartsy artists with too much money getting to do what they want, where they want. Which in a strange way, I kind of respect. And in another very real way, I dont respect. Like when I was walking through Central Park and I saw the "Christos" (even though it's Christo (M) and Jean-Claude (F)) driving around the park, waving at people like they were the friggin' King and Queen. I overheard the red-haired-freaky-lady say that they'd driven the full 23 miles of curtains 26 times. That's 26 laps of ego-stroking. Sadly, I could not flip them off in time and they drove away, very much un-flipped off.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Snow pics

Snow, glorious snow..... and Pictures of... finally. These were from the last blizzard/snowstorm we had but they could just as easily be applied to this on we had the past few days.

¤ mouse over the images to see descriptions
¤ click on the images to see the full size pic