Thursday, March 24, 2005

neck cricks ...

I have a neck crick. Ya. it sucks bigtime. it's not the cant-turn-left-or-right kind, it's the cant-tilt-head-back kind. it's not even massage-able, it feels like it's been alien-implanted directly into the vertebrae of my spine.

my friend Johanna theorized that maybe neck cricks suck more than ..say, injured legs 'cause it's closer to the head ...
to which, in my usual genius observation style, I said:
i know whatcha mean.. the neck being closer to the head & all but i also get the impression it has something to do with old caveman tendencies, like if i had to fight a bear right now? i couldn't. i would totally get eaten by a bear.

- it may just be my genius mental delivery that makes that so kick-ass awesome. orrrrr I may have struck on the fact that getting eaten by a bear is hilarious.
---- who knew?

OVERHEARD (for the DMChronicles)
+ Louise, hellllo! what do you think?? my daughter doesn't go on booty calls??? HELLO?!??! Hi, I'm not stupid!

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