Monday, March 28, 2005

Iran films, more zombies, hot wings

I'm going to see these two films next Tuesday, check them out if they play in your town:
--Nusrat: A Voice from Heaven 2000. Giuseppe Asaro. 78 min. English. Nusrat brings us the greatest modern interpreter of mystical Qawwali music, the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. What emerges, through interviews with Nusrat himself, and with the musicians who helped bring his work to Western audiences, is more than just the portrait of one man. Nusrat is also a probing exploration of the philosophy underlying the Sufi music of Pakistan. A performance by Nusrat’s son, Rahat provides eloquent testimonial to the endurance of that legacy.
--The Voice of Iran: Mohammad Reza Shajarian 2002. Christian Braad Thomsen. 98 min. U.S. Premier! A spotlight on the great classical singer Mohammad Reza Shajarian, whose music reaches 800 years back into Persian history. Shajarian is a master of improvised ornament, whose deeply rooted spirituality, and sensitivity to the mood of the moment, creates music of astounding beauty. To be in Shajarian’s audience is to be transported back to Persian courts of old, ruled once more by the wit and poignance of the greatest Iranian poets – Rumi, Sadi and Hafez. Between songs, Shajarian talks about his inspiration, explains the meaning of the songs and discusses the poets behind them.

In the spirit of Easter, DO NOT see this film (warning, this may be the most sacreligious thing you'll wish you never looked at) . My friends, they know I love the zombies so....

Yet another reason to come to New York.

sometimes, I think I think too much about food:
++ I just typed this in an IM to Elizabeth: do they have sushi boats [restaraunts] in seattle? i still haven't found any here. and i've broadened my search to all the boroughs even. what the F? how could over 12 million people NOT know the importance of food that FLOATS in front of you!
++ In preparation for some Atomic [hot] Wings tonight, I just typed this sentence in an IM to my roommate: must get lunch to suitably prepare stomach for maximum hot wing attack. [air raid sirens!] Maximum Hot Wing Attack Comencing!! Ya. ok. I love hot wings. almost as much as zombies love brains.
++ I'm also price comparison shopping Nutella prices at various stores in the area. 'Cause, you know.. if I spend an extra 40 cents for Nutella, it wont taste as good, I guess.

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Dirty Dan Sin said...

I am reading your blog and continue to be amazed at your lack of bragging about your cool-as-the-pope roommate ee from 1558.5 waller st, sf.