Saturday, September 01, 2007

Listicle 27.L5

yet another song and video (watch the end at least) that just. makes. me. ridiiiculously. happy.

"All children would become scientists if they weren't discouraged by influences ingraining the assumption that it was geeky or hard" - heard on NPR

something i typed 2 minutes after it happened, from when I was still at IPC:
"WOW and wow. i just stood thru a tornado. dust and dirt and lower manhattan grime. oh my good god, it was SOOOO. much. fun.! it so shouldn't have been. watching tourists panic and scatter, watching street vendors chase after their wares (that part i felt really bad about, but c'mon, you saw the wind & rain coming! why didn't you pack up???). i had to shake about a half pound of sand out of my hair and pockets (and eyes)... it was like.. dirty.. non-wet snow. i got back upstairs & they said our building had swaying. wooooo! danger!!"

great e-cards for friends. when going beyond the truth is the best option.

to say this was an accident is to deny my free will and excellent stabbing-with-a-champagne-flute aim

great pics. no, i'm still not sick of them. never will be.

this is basically how i woke up this morning. except it was flapjack maniacally chasing down a fly, right on my ribs. - yesterday it was hambone's turn (in the hallway, not on me thankfully) nails on hardwood, doing the fred flintstone run-with-no-traction. cracked out eyes, front paws swiping wildly. he's black, he's fast, but something about that fat fat belly makes it seem less like ninja and more like chris farley as ninja.