Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Istanbul photos, 2008

the slideshow below moves a little fast - you can mouse over it and pause-and-play at your own speed or you can double click on the slideshow to bring up the pictures as thumbnails that you can view however you like.
I wrote the following postcard (and a variation of it) and then liked it so much I didn't want to just mail it off and not remember what I said so I umm.. photocopied it ... so I could transcribe it here:
Merhaba from Istanbul -
Wow. It's a different world here. Mosques & minarets, towers & tall apartments, restaraunts & cafes, kitties & more kitties, stray dogs - but mostly kitties - everywhere. Trams & trains & busses and ferries upon ferries crossing the Bosphorous, dodging small and large fishing and commercial vessels, large tankers, cruise ships - with seagulls everywhere. Not just over water but the city itself. A strange hyper-Europe with Middle East backdrop - or maybe it's the other way around. Our first flat overlooks it all. Ok, not all, but a lot. Four of the 'main' mosques, markets, the Bosphorous & Galata tower from our bedroom. 7 flights of stairs but worth it (once you're up the stairs at least). Yesterday was sightseeing at mosques & Topkapi Palace and then dinner & coffees with Esra's "auntie", shopping on Istiklal Cad and walking, walking and more. Today we ferry to meet up with Esra's cousin & later her mom, dad & more Aunts & Uncles. Thursday we do the hamam (steam/bathhouses) and Saturday is the big engagement dinner. Looking out at the view now, I'm amazed I can write anything at all - there is so much richness of detail, So much to see and hear everywhere. Muzzeyin's call out prayer 5x a day which only adds to the other-worldliness of it all,
Until next time (when we're all here together!)
Kory & Esra

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