Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bits of Tid

As if wedding planning weren't enough, Esra and I are gearing up for our move in together .. to Brooklyn no less. very exciting. almost 5 years in Manhattan has steeled up the it-might-be-possible-for-me-to-not-live-in-the-nexus-of-the-universe nerves. more on that later obviously..
UPDATE: We sign a lease tomorrow! for a place almost exactly here, in North Middle [Park] Slope, Brooklyn. I'm not sure if the neighborhood-naming-police will allow me to call it North Middle Slope (NoMiSlo .. or NoMiPaSlo) or not but hey, that's where it is. [the g-map shows it closer to 4th Ave, it's actually the same distance from 5th Ave instead]

Esra, Matt, Karen, Brian and I went to see Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black (of The State, Stella [possibly my favorite tv show ever, only 6 episodes, rent it], Wet Hot American Summer, etc, etc, etc) do stand up in Williamsburg. Hi[hhh]-laaaar[e]-e-ous ... see 'em in your town if you've ever been a fan of ... laughing.

Granted, I'm no activist / lobbyist so no thanks to me, but I've been waiting 4.5 years for NY to institute a plastic bag recycling program. thank you NY city council!

More reasons to love Michael Showalter more than life itself (or somewhere near that amount), sorry Pats fans, but it's true. walking off the field before the game was over only proved it.

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