Wednesday, November 17, 2004

NY Journal # 18

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
excerpt from overheard cubical chatter:
coworker # 1 - oh crap
coworker # 2 - "oh crap". that seems to be a popular curse these days
coworker # 1 - ya, isn't it..?
coworker # 2 - i wonder where that started
coworker # 1 - you know what? i think Raymond's father started that...
coworker # 2 - Raymond's father?
coworker # 1 - ya, from Everybody Loves Raymond. I've been watching it for years and he always says "oh crap"

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Still loving.......
- this city for a dozen nameable reasons and ten dozen unnameable reasons.

- my crazy-bastard kitties. as crazy-bastard-y as they are, even.
- my tiny apartment with it's tiny tiny bathroom.
- the internet for keeping me from finding out if 'bored to death' is just a saying or not.
- the East coast, for it's weather and folliage, it's accents and neighborhoods.
- my neighborhood, for it's proximity to everything.... or a train to everything.
- each different country-cuisine of food i try almost daily.
- the human Frogger game played whilst navigating people and car traffic.
- excercise... though lethargy and the recent cold try to keep me from it.
- friends and family. ok, some friends, ..all family.
- the subway system.
- the fact that the above is now on this list and not the one below.
Still NOT loving........
- Monday Night Football starting at 9pm Eastern, ending after midnight.
- anything that occurs before 8am. anything.
- 51% of the American public and 'their' next four years.
- crazy people.
- mean people.
- crazy mean people.
- the self important.
- the self deluded.
- the self obsessed.
- the self referential.
- the self sabotaging.
- the self absorbed.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Today's math work.....
38° + light rain / umbrella = no problem
38° + light rain + any-amount-of-wind / ±umbrella = kill me.
Flapjack + bathmat = issues.
Flapjack + (bathmat+issues) / kory-annoyed = Flapjack-bathmat-issues-continue.
Flapjack + (bathmat+issues) / kory-amused = Flapjack-bathmat-issues-cease.
so far at least.
weekly work paycheck = $60 > unemployment insurance weekly check
working with music = 1000% > working with NO musicworking with no music = kill me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
-11/09/04 6:23pm - bathmat found lying just outside of bathroom
-11/09/04 9:49pm - bathmat found lying just outside of bathroom
-11/10/04 4:36am - bathmat found lying just outside of bathroom

Excerpt rom the illustrious
Nation's Poor Win Election for Nation's Rich"The Republican party—the party of industrial mega-capitalists, corporate financiers, power brokers, and the moneyed elite—would like to thank the undereducated rural poor, the struggling blue-collar workers in Middle America, and the God-fearing underpriviledged minorities who voted George W. Bush back into office," Karl Rove, senior advisor to Bush, told reporters at a press conference Monday. "You have selflessly sacrificed your well-being and voted against your own economic interest. For this, we humbly thank you." Added Rove: "You have acted beyond the call of duty—or, for that matter, good sense."--------full story here

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Cold.... so very cold. somewhere between 33° and 40°. - I'd almost forgotten what that felt like. I still love the cold, mind you, but cold -and- wind together... when it was just 60something° two days ago is a bit of a shocker. to the leaves of trees as well, it seems. within one week, i'd say all trees have lost at least half their yellowed leaves. quite lovely- though it's so cold, it feels like no one is noticing.Not much else to report, really. my hair is getting too long, already. thanksgiving approaches, planless-ly so.OH, i Do have news... we have a new bathmat. ok, contain yourselves, as excited as you are right now, there's more to the story. And that is that my dear, lovely Flapjack does not seem to like this bath-mat inhabiting the bath-room. Over a dozen times now, I've gone down the hallway to find that the bathmat has been dragged out of the bathroom... as if I had served him with a dog scented eviction notice he didn't want to acknowledge. I've tried to reason with him, I've shown him Pro's & Con's lists oh having a bathmat in... oh... say... the bath room, I've even tried bribes. He seems to agree, but then, the next day, there it is again. The first time it happened, I thought it was funny. The second through... let's say seventh time it happened, I was kind of annoyed. Now, I think I look forward to finding it in the hallway because it is... well,... Daaamn funny. It's a crucial battle of will's at this point. If I lose, he will own me. I can not let that happen. Victory will be mine.

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