Wednesday, November 01, 2006

pictures and pictures

Rooftop party pics. I'm really not quite sure why I take these.. the nighttime shots rarely turn out. Oh yeah... lots of wine made me take these.
Perhaps if I used the zoom feature on my camera phone that I just discovered the other day. How long have I had this cameraphone?
Camping on Fire Island. this, after a night of rain and more mosquitos than I have ever seen in one place, Ever. I've been camping many a time (says the former Boy Scout) but the mosquito density was almost more mosquitos than non-mosquito air. I guess that's what happens when you put campgrounds in the middle of protected swampland.

Esra and the mosquito repellant spray bottle were friends. That bottle and all of us were friends.. not that it helped much.
The day after, on a hunt for a cheap(ish) hotel on Fire Island (the idea of a second night camping on Mosquito Island was, as you might guess.. not so pleasant). Somehow we're all smiling in this photo. Pshh. Remember that you cant spell SMILES without L-I-E-S.

Lest you think the boys would escape a photo show.

No matter how cute they're being and how it happens nearly continuously, one of them will always look away at the perfect photo opportunity moment.

Esra and I right before turning off our cell phones, awaiting EVIL DEAD, the MUSICAL to begin (which was Soooo AWESOME that I insist you picture me screaming Soo AWESOME! right in your earhole) I'm going to see it again in a month or so, that's how Soo AWESOME! it was.

Well, well.

Imagine that.

An empty bag that's not empty... because it's filled with a kitten! (that's not a kitten anymore but whom I will forever call a kitten)

Esra asked me to take this picture of us in front of a Mark Rothko. I make nonstop fun of the modern art section at the Met 'cause I firmly believe that most modern art is one level below poop-cakes. YES, in my opinion.
At the... Wax Museum! yes, it's true. My dad and his lady friend? or.. companion were in town and they really wanted to see the wax museum. Esra and I didn't really wanna go 'cause, well.. I, at least, am often too cool for school. We actually ended up really enjoying it. I'm.. not.. umm.. quite sure how that happened.. but it did.

Lou Reed is just as waxy in person.

John Travolta's face was so disturbing, I thought you deserved a close up to wash out the detail with the flash. You'll thank me later when you're not haunted by dreams of a wax Travolta.
Despite her being wax, I still managed to creep out Paris Hilton.

Lindsay Lohan too. They both put wax restraining orders on me immediately following the photos.

After kicking George W Bush in the nuts, I was tackled by secret wax service agents.

Salvador Dali didn't like any of the three-plus hours of hilaaarious existentialist jokes I told. Lllllaaame!

The sign said this was Mick Jagger.
Yeah, maybe if you poke yourself in the eyes really hard.
like most San Franciscans (who didn't like the Grateful Dead), I finally got my opportunity to exact nut-kick-justice on the lead singer who died too early for me to ever do this in person.
Esra didn't like the fact that I was going around kicking wax dudes in the nuts so she started bluring the photos. Thanks, babe. Oh well.. guess Bono's gonna have to get kicked in the real nuts if I ever see him.

I uh.. got a little artsy with Bob Dylan. I told him to look up. Man, some people are so full of themselves.

I ended up tearing Johnny Cash's right arm off 'cause he got a little fresh with Esra, off camera.

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