Monday, December 04, 2006

Listicle 24.ĥ5

▲▼▲▼ knowing my love for zombies, as you all surely do... I saw this in the Castings section of Backstage magazine.. a weekly magazine for actors:
##### ###### Productions LLC is casting a feature-length sequel to the "...cult classic.." (The New York Times) comedic satire Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bridge of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil Mutant Hellbound Flesh Eating Subhumanoid Living Dead...Part 2. - movie - name - everrrrr.

▲▼▲▼ my new favorite internet meme... I .. cant seem to get enough of 'em.

▲▼▲▼ ya, extinct because it's creepy!! - a 4 person "long horse"???

▲▼▲▼ from Dilbert creator Scott Adams wants Bill Gates for President ... "For my president I want a mixture of Mother Teresa, Carl Sagan, Warren Buffet, and Darth Vader. Bill has all of their good stuff. His foundation will save more lives than Mother Teresa ever did. He's got the Carl Sagan intelligence and rational mind. He's a hugely successful businessman. And I have every reason to believe he can choke people just by concentrating in their general direction."

▲▼▲▼ the cute project is the new Cute Overload.

▲▼▲▼ why couldn't I have bought this couch?!?!??! Dohhhh.

▲▼▲▼ Most hilarious thing I've seen on SNL in a while.

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