Friday, November 02, 2007

Dary and Paige Dayani wedding pictures

my brother and his .. well, now, wife, got married in south dakota. esra and i went. good times were had by all. take a look at their professionally done photos:

and here:

then take a look at my disposable gems of photographical fine art that took me a million billion years to upload just now:

Interestingly enough, I almost started my photos with the one
below this one. Right. not my wedding. got it.

See why I almost put this one first? Our hotness is barely irressistable. Kudos to Ms Esra for the one-armed picture taking. I've taught you well, young one.

See? even cheesy smiling... hotness.

My dad, stealing kisses. As per usual. Daughter-in-laws are few & far between. I understand.

Did I mention that we were in South Dakota?

Need proof? Yes, that's me with a fully automatic Uzi submachine gun. Possibly not the best picture of me to have on the internet.

And that's me with a fully automatic extra large cocktail shrimp.

Esra and my dad just after the wedding ceremony. Did i mention that these pics are horribly out of order?

For example, my dad, his gf Betty and friend Art at the reception dinner, post wedding.

Aaaannd, back to pre-wedding.

And then to the reception.

And then Dary and Esra pre-wedding. Dary had that ... suit? outfit? ..made. Incidentally, I was made to wear tuxedo shoes vs. the awesome shoes I had brought myself and I will not be letting anyone involved live that fact down, ever. Hope you like pointy pink elf shoes Dary, my wedding's in September.

Oops. again, we're post wedding (groomsmen). Please do not sing Time Warp.

If you really feel like it, you may sing a cover version of Van Halen's Jump. Any looks of pity you receive are solely your responsibility.

The view from our hotel room. South Dakota (as you will unfortunately not see from our pictures) is flatter than a flat, flat... very flat object. that is flat.

Oh goodness. Seriously. where did my lovely Esra learn to take photos? Yes, you got the tent's crossbar perfectly framed, good. Now cut off the best man's head.. great. Now wait for Kory's eyes to .. [click!]

Ok, that's a bit better.

Esra also really loves pictures of a) flower arangements. b) tables full of food c) there is no c), see a) & b)

See? I cant wait for thanksgiving.

My dad and Bette

Honestly. Is there a better way to leave the trunk of your rental car? I think not.

Dad and I on a Circle Line tour around Manhattan.

And Bette and Esra.

And Larry (Esra's dad) and his girlfriend, Eirlys

Due South. Lower Manhattan,David Bowie's apt is covered in the white building-shroud thingy. David Geffen's apt is two above that.

Due west. the Puck Building.

Due East. lots of interesting stuff obscured by haze.


Southeast. Brooklyn and the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges not visible due to haze. Stupid haze.

Our engagement party? I think? Lookie what ring made it into the shot. : )

My lovely Esra, at the lake near Sharon, MA she grew up near.

the boardwalk out to the beach, Provincetown - Cape Cod.

Esra's mom's condo-pool.

Mystic, Connecticut. as viewed from a long way away from the actual downtown portion of Mystic.

Esra & her mom in her mom's backyard. cute as buttons, I tell you! both of them.

Rice to Riches, SOHO, NY. all things tapioca.

Hey. look, it's me on my second PA job ever. The Verizon commercial on Lake Sebago.

Kitty-boys! in a sink and beyond sink.

Lombardi's pizza in SOHO.

On the drive back from Cape Cod. random river side pictureness. One armed bandit anyone? Ohw yeahhh.

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