Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kory in IMDB . com now .. and what else he's been doing

well, there's not a lot of detail in the listing (yet) but it seems I'm now listed on IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase).

I need to get them to correct the listing 'cause i was actually "on set dresser / buyer" .. in pre- and production stages (not post-production. odd 'cause why would anyone be 'buying' during post-production? (after the movie's been shot) I think the production office people didn't quite understand job titles 'cause for the first week of production they had me listed on the call sheets as an 'on set buyer' ... which makes even less sense. As in.. would I be buying things that are "on set" already??)

Also.. I know I've been pretty negligent in keeping the journal updated on what I've been doing lately (aside from wedding & honeymoon & bachelor party planning) ... I currently have three shows that I worked on, on tv right now (Stylista, Legally Blonde and Everyday Baking) ... so here's a snippet from my latest resume update a list of everything I've worked on since I made the career switch:

Sonora Films: cooking show TV pilot episode: 'Men-U' - Set Dresser
Interesting Monster - Michael Jordan clothing line season launch - Set Dresser
Interesting Monster - photo shoot: Harper Collins, book cover - Set Dresser
Project East/West A - Feature Film: Achchamundu! Achchamundu! - On Set Dresser / Buyer
Two Cities Productions - TV series: Stylista - with Tyra Banks - Set Dresser
Take It Over - TV series: Legally Blonde - Art Dept Production Assistant
Humble TV - commercials: Honey Bunches of Oats - Set Dresser / Carpenter / PA
N.Y.P.S. - print ad: Macy's President's Day sale - Set Dresser / Art Dept PA
N.Y.P.S. - commercials: David's Bridal - Art Dept Production Assistant
N.Y.P.S. - commercials: Macy's Christmas - Art Dept Production Assistant
N.Y.P.S. - commercials: Home Shopping Network - Set Dresser / Art Dept PA
Interesting Monster - stage: Now and Then, Guggenheim Museum - Set Dresser
N.Y.P.S. - commercials: Macy's Christmas - Art Dept Production Assistant
Martha Stewart TV series: Everyday Baking - Culinary PA / Asst Food Buyer
N.Y.P.S. - commercials: Macy's thanksgiving commercials - Shopper / Art Dept PA
Day O Productions - commercials: Honda - Production Assistant
N.Y.P.S. - commercials: Weight Watchers - Art Dept Production Assistant
N.Y.P.S. - commercials: Macy's One Day Sale - Shopper / Art Dept PA
Smuggler Films - commercials: Verizon broadband - Art Dept PA
Left/Right Prod's - Court TV pilot: Young and Reckless - Set Dresser / Art Dept PA

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