Monday, September 13, 2010

I used to what? what's "writing"? I'm not following you.

Some might say that I used to write a lot. Some might not call it writing but something else wherein I typed stuff and you read it. Some (not you) forgot I existed and only now can name that empty, shallow absence in your life that has surely dogged your every waking moment.
It's ok. I'm here. Put your little iHead on my E-shoulder and I will virtually warble the dulcet toned tales of ribaldry that is my life. Our life. Dayani-East, Version 2.5
Why no writing in so long? Oh sure, we have an infant in the house. That's the obvious culprit. Or how about the fact that Facebook is the new black of emails-to-friends-or-family? Or, there's just not enough time in the day with job hunting and taking care of Nadia. Or, writer's block. Or, and this is my personal favorite, the closer I got to committing to being a writer, the less I wanted to do it as that would mean I might succeed in something. The most likely reason, as usual is, I let too many things that I want to write about build up and I then procrastinate writing at all, until it's months and months later. I liken it to, instead of letting an ice breaker clear a sea passage, just waiting for summer to realize your route is passable again and that you haven't seen your friends across the waters in oh such a long time.
Well what's new, then? Let's get that out of the way:
**Esra and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Kudos to Esra for tolerating my palpable awesomeness (also 'pulpable' awesomeness). I am the overwhelming electrical storm that tickles your brain and I humbly apologize for how difficult it must be to endure such joy.
**Nadia celebrated 9 months in / 9 months out. She is beyond incredible.. more on her later.
**I went from having no job interviews in 3 months to having 3 in consecutive days. Sadly, none have worked out unless they are in ridiculously long interview processes and I will hear from them sometime in the next 24 months.
**This last Friday I was offered a temp job with a salary that wouldn't even pay our rent (I'm negotiating with them but since this is an employers market, chances are they'll find someone with a Masters degree to do the job for half our rent). Remember when you had faith in the world to right itself? Sigh. Hey, nihilism ain't just a river in Egypt! (thank you, thank you.. I'll be performing at Caroline's all week).
**Esra rehearsed for a month (while I watched Nadia) for an amazing play she just was in this last Friday. Oh my lord, it was soooo damn good! The biggest gig she's been in & I'll go out on unsupported limbs to say it was probably the funniest and sexiest (OOooooEEEeeeeOOoh!)
**The stupid NY summer with it's stupid heat has gone the-stupid-F away. I am pretty sure I was not the only person on the internet to comment on the stupidity of our stupid weather.
**I made shredded cuban pork and a pot roast and chinese boneless spare ribs. Hey, big cuts of meat? You hearin' me?? I AM NOT SCARED OF MAKING YOU anymore. Cakes? You're next.
**Football season has started.
**Repeat: Football season has started. Aside from yesterday's depressing Raider loss, I have an unquenchable optimism that I will slowly and completely drive myself insane this season using only the soul crushing power of anxiety and self-loathing.
**Esra has been keeping up a blog on Nadia .. it can be found at:
**As always, pictures of Nadia can be found at:
**And all the latest videos can be found at:

Ok, that's all for now or I'll never actually hit "Publish" on this ...

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