Thursday, August 04, 2005

revisiting past history, revisited

Some things just need repeating, like how:
- OverheardInNY is the best site e-v-e-r.
- Rudyard Kipling's "If" - is still one of the most powerful spoken word pieces ever.
- this is a perfect Monday song. or any day song.
- this is a good anytime song.
- if you're still eating fast food, you must still see Super Size Me.
- Belle and Sebastian - If She Wants Me is still better than your favorite song.

Did I mention?
- that I saw Conan O'Brien? his show, I mean. well I did. it was great. I was on tv. well my head was - all 4 pixels of it. So was Matt's head. his head got 5 pixels which is kinda suprising 'cause I've got a bigger head than he does.
- that girls have cooties? or maybe I do. I love dating and I'm sick of dating.
- that in my second softball game, I hit a triple, a single, another triple and then... and THEN.. a double to drive in two runs to win the game? Did I mention that? I didnt? Can I mention it again? no? ok. well, I did. I am a softball superstar. You know I am, dont deny it.
- my volleyball team is now 12-0. Last night we played our only real competition so far, a team that beat us 2 games to 1 last season, and we still kicked ass. In game 2 last night, we were losing 12-9 (we all took pause to realize it was the first time we'd been trailing in a game this season - that's how sad our league is this summer season) but came back to win 15-13 - much to our opponents seething and barely masked hatred. Remember how I said I hated the super tall guy on the team that beat us in the finals last season? Yeah. that's how our opponents last night were looking at us. Whatever - suck on second place, suckers!!!
- that I went to Tompkins Sq Park, sat down, opened my book, heard a familiar voice, looked up and saw David Cross sitting with friends, 10 feet away from me. My second favorite living comedian, eating cold cuts and hummus, just hangin' out with friends in the park, 10 feet away. Did I mention I can be a star-struck 14 year old girl at times?
- David Byrne rode by me on a bicycle. I still dont like him.
- Matthew Broderick walked by me on his way to Tasti-D-lite

25 years later, this line still cracks me up:
Steve McCroskey : And I can sum it all up in just one word: courage, dedication, daring, pride, pluck, spirit, grit, mettle, and G-U-T-S, *guts*. Why, Ted Striker's got more guts in his little finger than most of us have in our large intestine, including the colon!

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