Friday, July 22, 2005

Outlining.... the fuuuuture!!!

So many happenings, so little writing about it... I'm in one of my slacker not-writing-about-anything phases it seems. sad.. so sad. What's happening, you ask?

I. not much.
II. that's a lie, there's a few things, they are as follows:
---A. the girl I'd talked about, Sarah, and I are not dating anymore.
------1. I wont go into why, except to say that it involved an orangutan, bank robbery and a wild trucker convoy run from the law. enough said.
------2. in a lot of very specific areas, she was the most amazing person ever. in other areas... not so much.
------3. oh well. life goes on.
----B. I've been dating since then but I'm not going to be talking about it since it turns out that I am a retard who believes in superstition and I fear the almighty jinx by talking about things that aren't confirmed. I'm waiting until I have at least two kids to say anything about me and anyone, from now on.
III. My volleyball team made the finals
----A. In the semi-finals, we won 2-1 games, beating a team that had previously kicked out arses.
------1. we advanced to the finals.
----B. we promptly lost.
------1. the team we lost to was comprised of seven nobodies and one 6'8" Goliath.
--------a. David does not always win against Goliath.
IV. My volleyball team started it's Summer season.
----A. due to the fact that less people play in summer leagues, the schmoes who organize our league seem to have either dropped us down a skill level or consolidated a lower skill level into our level.
------1. this has made our team kick crazy amounts of ass, we're undefeated, 6-0.
------2. this has also made play a little less interesting.
--------a. it's hard to feel good about your team's great play and feel sorry for the other team at the same time.
V. I joined a softball league.
----A. I know, I know... I hate baseball.
------1. I know!
------2. I know, I hate it A LOT. I might have even made you hate how much I talk about hating it a lot. Sometimes I wont shut up about how much I hate it. I hate it that much.
--------a. seriously... I know! I hate baseball. it's true. let it go already.
------2. softball isn't baseball.
--------a. even baseball, I would play, I just will not watch. not even a little bit.
----B. we had our first game last night
------1. we were losing 19-3 until the last inning, where we scored 7 runs to lose 19-10.
------2. on my first "at bat" in at least 10 years, I hit a triple.
------3. on my second at bat, I got a single.
------4. on my 3rd & last at bat, I popped the ball up to an outfielder who literally did not have to move his feet at all to catch the ball. he could have been doing a headstand and still have caught the ball. it was kinda beautiful how accurately.. or.. uh.. inaccurately, I hit the ball.
----C. everybody on my team seems to be super cool... not hipster-cool, just cool.
------1. three of the five girls are frustratingly beautiful, making concentration difficult for the six guys on the team.
----D. Our first game was on Randalls Island, the rest I think are in Central Park.
------1. I can think of a LOT worse ways to spend a few hours after work.
VI. is the best site in the universe. ok, at least 'my new favorite'.
----A. Next to my journal, of course.
----B. It's like my DM overheard's but incorporates the rest of the wonderfully mindless stupidity that's overheard all over this town.
VII. Places I'm dying to go:
----A. LaCaverna. come to NY, we'll go.
----B. free kayaking - down a river - IN NEW YORK.
----C. An arcade -slash- bar in Brooklyn with all the old-school games we grew up with.
----D. Ethiopian food is the best. come, we'll go.
VIII. I've been hired on as permanent at my job.
----A. Oh yeah.
----B. health insurance rules!
------1. kick ass health insurances rules even harder.
----C. Job security is good too.
------1. Job security must not become complacency.

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