Monday, October 31, 2005

RANT: pardon my monday morning rant

pardon my monday morning rant
or... An Open Letter to Our False Sense of National Security:
++ Over the past few weeks, I've thought about chronicling a relatively new phenomenon I see in the city: Cops Standing Around, Doing Nothing. If I didn't think I'd get arrested for doing it, I would take pictures for you of them doing, well.. 'nothing'. And really, I'm not pointing this out as some liberal or anti-police or anti-government rant, I point this out because.. we are literally boring our cops to death and forcing them off of the streets and into subway stations where they dont... sorry, I mean "cant", do what they've been asked to do: make sure all bags entering the subway system are explosive or poison free.
SO Finally, in the name of all things logical - a good fight for principle!
++ But ... really, my people... why does it take the ACLU (or it's branches, in this case) to point out the obvious? Why? ok, 'why' is a stupid question - living in these "elevated terror warning" times, our current government, which shall remain blamele.. err.. nameless, has deemed that the best way to ease the minds of the masses is to show them a net for catching bad guys. The problem of course is that you cant catch minnows in a tuna net.
++ Honestly, GW et al, bag searches do nothing. correction: bag searches will never stop those with bad intentions from carrying out nefarious plans. Unless... and we must consider this possibility... those with bad intentions are completely F'ing retarded or blind and walk right by cops with explosives or whatever, plainly in view. Or, perhaps, they make the mistake of speaking a middle eastern sounding language in frantic tones, right in front of a cop who's a) not busy talking to his cop buddy b) not staring at a wall with a look of "I will surely die of boredom before the end of this shift" c) not checking out girl's asses. d) not passing time by being amused and/or passing judgement on freaky NY hipsters. Granted, all of those things would be a Lot of fun for any cop, but what does it really do besides take them off the streets? In the South Ferry station every morning there are no less than seven cops at any given time standing around, talking to eachother or dejectedly looking at a wall, waiting for their shift underground to end. They dont want anyone's pity, but I feel sorry for them. They know they're not doing anything useful, I see it, we all do. And to cast a net on 34 subway entrances out of 5500?? AND... the best (well, worst) part is that you can legally refuse to be searched, leave the station and enter through another subway entrance. Genius!
++ So please... Office of Homeland Security or Mr US District Judge man or Mr President... stop the security charade and put cops back on the m.f. streets. The futility of this cops-in-subways thing reminds us all, every day, of how "insecure" we really are, if someone really wants to do something evil.

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