Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the 'Sri-L-Indian' "Dosa Man"

The 'Sri-L-Indian' "Dosa Man"
++ My main man of food-carty-goodness, my dosa pal of super-cheap eat-ness, my park-side homie with the uniquely varied, vegan treats... is a finalist in the Vendy Awards - the street-prestigious award given to the best mobile food operator(s) in the city.
++ Purveyor of delicious weekday and sometimes-weekend sustenance, he cooks for... who knows how many people (almost) daily - I consider the line for his food short if it's 4 people or less. (Sadly, the line for his food is hardly ever short - standard seems to be about 6-7 people on any given day at any given time that's not right before he leaves for the day).
++ I call him 'the Sri-Lindian guy' 'cause A) I didn't know his name until today. B) he's from Sri-Lanka C) a good portion of his menu is Indian. D) "Sri-Lindian" is kinda clever and sounds cool, if I do say so myself.
++ While I cant say that I "know him" know him, we're on that sort of "Yo, whassup?" hand-shaking, acquantance basis. If I'm passing by and ordering food or not (and really, it's hard not to order food from him when you can get a delicious appetizer for $1 that'll curb any hunger pangs that might be panging) we shake hands and exchange some pleasantries and then wish each other well. Either he extends this friendliness to everyone, or I have fallen into his "cool camp". (and really, it's hard for me not to fall in people's "cool camps" -- this is me we're talking about). Really though, I think I entered the cool camp from the frequency of my visits last summer - I was practically a permanent park resident for four months last summer, after all - and the fact that I love trying every single thing on menus I like. I also think he liked the fact that as a "dosa newbie", I was working my way down his menu and enjoying every morsel of it. Or maybe it was that I gave feedback on later visits. Or maybe I looks Sri-Lindian. who knows, who cares... his food is Damn good and if any of you lazy-mofos would drag your sorry arses out to NYC, I'd prove it to you... well.. I'd let SriLindian Thiru Kumar and his vegan goodies prove it to you.

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avant-garde said...

His dosas are the best for the price!