Friday, April 07, 2006

Listicle 10.oI

ØØØ.. local news has been covering the story of a cat stuck between Myers of Kenswick (the everything-British store I wrote about (where I saw Liv Tyler MmMmm)) .. c'mon, I promised you a cat link.
the cat is safe.
update # 2: the NY Daily News has the best / stupidest story titles.

ØØØ.. Earth has officially signalled for the arrival of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Thanks Maxim... good job.

ØØØ.. what a coincidence! I have these all over my apartment windows!

ØØØ.. a mesmerizing set of rube goldberg machine (think "Mousetrap") movies. I cant decide which is my favorite. If you cant either, there's 3027 others to chose from.

ØØØ.. I'm gonna be celebrating(?) Passover with Esra tonight. As an honorary Jew, I have to wear one of these. Oh and I've totally got my lamb's blood ready to keep the Angel of Death away! Take that Angel of Death! Go kill some Egyptian first born's like you normally do!

ØØØ.. really cool photos. click the double arrows at the bottom right corner to advance through them.

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