Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Most people here hate it...
they really do.
I dont understand those people.
which is ok I suppose.
they dont understand the sheer bliss a good case of the snow-crazies bring me.


How do I describe the sledgehammer of sh!t-eating grins that impact against my skull with the force of a thousand sexy, sexy rainbows? Or tell you about that place where angels meet Purity, have sex, and give birth to a litter of Aww's and Oooh's so fantastic that words give way to exclamation. It is the cascading synapses firing neural messages from tiny feline minds, forming, in mid air before you, the phrase "The Cats Meow".
It's my own personal snow globe. Experienced 3D verticality. A begloved slap to the face of that conformist, gravity. Defiance of your atmosphere's transparency. It is everywhere moving somewhere else, right before your eyes. Cold liquid falling as soft solid turning to slippery liquid. Uniform beautification.. seemingly brushing a city's dirt under a pillowy carpet of white. It is tingly. Brain tingly.

Straight up. then down. sideways. sideways again. All in a few seconds time. How many people have literally been hypnotized by watching falling snow? I wonder. Then out of nowhere, it's dark, but almost completely white out. Five times the snow falling. four times as fast.. you can almost feel the weight of it, watching. Then.. back to snowglobe-slow. Drifting, playing... like the coordinated flight of sparrows. Darting in, out.... up, down, over.
Figure eights and L's and M's and Z's of direction.. every curvy and jagged shape you might imagine. It dances around to show you how nimble it is, how boring rain is. It whispers about all things calm and innocent while rain drones on, only about wetness.
it's done. over. the sun's out again. from overcast to a bright white-yellow, twilight-zoney sky to snow (to more snow) to wimpy rain to... sun - in less than four hours time. Did I mention the 75 degree weather we had on Friday and the beautiful, 70 degree Saturday? Three seasons in 48 hours??

And people still ask me if I like New York.

<------a renovation project being done to connect the South Ferry station with the 4/5 Battery Park subway stop - blasting has been shaking our building every day for the past 2 months - kinda cool / kinda scary. directly beneath the blue crane is where they
found the buried 17th century Colonial settlement wall that'll be partially incorporated into the new station connection

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