Thursday, March 23, 2006

pictures of pictures taken in picture form


Captain Flapjack investigates a suspicious backpack. Hambone monitors from a safe distance.

and then investigates more closely. the investigation lasted approximately 2 full minutes.

cats in bags not your thing? try Cats In Boxes. (or there's always Cats In Sinks)

Esra's b-day drinky night. I unintentionally continue my practice of blurry artsy-shmartsy photo taking.

Jillian and Esra humor me for more blurry-photo-taking-ness.

Esra looks super hot. I look like I got hosed down by a french fry grease truck.

Ohh, the many faces of marginally drunk blurry photo taking.


I am ready to party like it's 1385. so, apparently, is Santa Claus, on the front of the float.

we're here. the parade may begin now. Lady! get out of my picture!!

these girls were rockin' some dance moves that were somehow a cross between contemporary Iranian type dancing and really bad 80's cheerleader we've-got-spirit moves. wait, that IS contemporary Iranian type dancing.

you know you want one of those hats.

did you know that big thumping loud speakers were invented by ancient Persians?

Persian Gulf forever??? interesting. this isn't the Persian Gulf New Years Parade, y'know. Interestingly, all Iranians flags showed the pre-revolution lion-with-sword and sun and not the post-revolution, theocratically mandated, Allah is great flag. take that fundamentalism!

the "Rumi the Mystic Poet of Persia" float ran over 10 people and crashes into a school bus. An inhebriated Rumi composed a poem about it so beautiful, everyone swooned and forgave him.

at the end of the parade, a car pulling a float caught on fire and had to be hosed down by the fire department. Sadly the car in question wasn't this SUV.

the first appearance of spring flowers outside my window. hard to see in the picture, I know.

a little easier to see them now.

and easier still... nothing compared to waking up, pulling up the blinds and seeing them 20 feet away, though. The scene framed, of course, by two cats trying to wake you.

and now fully in bloom. the snow barely made them wilt for a day before bouncing back to beautiful pink fabulousness.
heterosexually speaking, of course.

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