Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Listicle 9.6

§§§§§ - I had to search a little harder this time for a worthy cat link to kick off the listicle with, but I found it... Ohhh, did I find it.

§§§§§ - I suppose this counts as a 'Persian rug' - ha ha. who knew there'd be something so cool in Sacramento? ha ha. (sorry Sact'ians.. you know I loves y'all)

§§§§§ - Hi. I'd like to have sex with your car, please. And it's diesel, electric and solar powered
??? Can I at least make out with it?

§§§§§ - if I had a nickel for every song the Silence of the Lambs inspired... I dare you not to get it stuck in your head. Actually, I guess that's a dare for your head, not you.

§§§§§ - today, March 27th, is the 3 year anniversary of me-in-New-York. exciting, huh?

§§§§§ - As much as I'd never make anything like this, I couldn't stop looking at all of the creations.

§§§§§ - Life may be so simple as to divide us all into two camps: those that would say wow, that's cool! and those that'd say woah, that's twisted! Cant we all just agree it's twistedly cool?

§§§§§ - chelsea clinton dined near us at Esperanto in the East Village last night (3/29). No one had the balls to ask her "why cant your dad be president again??"

§§§§§ - This Wednesday, March 5th, at 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1AM, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

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