Thursday, March 02, 2006

Listicle 8.&

()()().....Proper listicles should always start out with an awesome cat link.

()()().....WHAT I’D SAY TO THE MARTIANS by Jack Handey (of Deep Thoughts with.. fame)

()()() know when you think a song is cool for months and it just gets cooler and cooler and you're afraid you might explode 'cause it's so cool? yeah, it's like that. So again. with lyrics, even. Wouldn't ya know it, Matt & I missed his concert in NY by -one- day. Grrrr.

()()().....I've been hitting PIMPAFY! for hours now. And smiling the whole time. Every one seems to be my new favorite.

()()().....Why cant I be as smart as you, McSweeney's? Oh, right. Lasers.

()()().....My 3rd grade classroom had a set of these. Good lord it kept me fascinated. If you have kids, work with kids, know kids, wish you knew kids (eyew)... consider getting a set.

()()().....Be a good fatty fat American. feed your kids this. eat two, yourself.

()()().....the awesome SNL skit only added to this disgusting Magnolia Bakery line. So much for overpriced, B+ quality cupcakes. seriously, the people in this line are the same fools who queue up for their hour long Chipotle corporate-burrito lunchline. gol' dern freakin' human cattle... Grrrr.

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