Friday, September 16, 2005

Unsolicited Music Reviews.. all up in your business!

Baby Dayliner
I cant stop thinkin of this guy as a gothic (music) staple born 20 years too late. and he doesn't even KNOW it.
f'n genius!!
---a cross between new order, joy division, the smiths, japan, peter murphy and probably a few others. it's almost disturbing how addictive this song is. and the video is just so damn happy (ok, and mega-gay, but i think that's for a semi-unintentional comedic 80's-retro effect)
-------the video:
-------the m.p.3:
...yet ANOTHER amazing band that New York Noise has exposed me to.
-----others include:
Eltro - Motorboat - (now one of my fav songs ever)
Le Tigre (and other videos by them)
Enon - Daughter in the House of Fools
LCD Soundsystem (and other videos by them)

that oughta keep you busy for a while.
seriously... dont make me say it:
("dont be a loser, or watch the videos!")

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