Monday, September 19, 2005

vball / saturday 9-10-05

I sat on the Great Lawn, Central Park after v-ball (below) and hand wrote a more detailed Journal entry (people still write by hand?? craziness) but I keep forgetting to bring it into work to transcribe here. It'll most likely be the first entry of the next journal distro.

volleyball was ... about as frustrating as volleyball ever gets. i played really well for all but maybe 5 plays. my defensive play was phenomenal, as if i were an actor playing the role of some olympic caliber defense-specialist. sadly, it was those 5 plays that my all-spanish-speaking-/-all-gay-/-all-the-time teammates chose to focus on as somehow representative of my play for the entire day. Ok. - actually, that was really only the last game of the day that was like that. everything up to then was me being the only non-spanish-speaker on the team watching uber-flamboyant, mostly-entertaining-sassyness ... play with itself, let's say. In other words, spanish-speaking-gay-guys stick together and set eachother almost exclusively and talk to eachother in spanish-only and pretty much subject the white man (or half-white-man) to what the white-man has undoubtedly subjected the spanish-speaking-gay-man to in various all-white-man settings, for years.

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