Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February San Diego trip


Every trip I've taken in the last two years begins exactly this way - kitties-in-my-suitcase. Everytime. without fail.

believe it or not, this photo was taken from an airplane.

having fun with the cameraphone's "multi-shot" functon. Exciting, huh? As momentarily distracted as we were, we were still able to fulfill our duties as responsible exit row passengers.

this shot is also taken from a.... from an..... anyone..? yes, that's right, from an airplane.

my dad and Esra prepare to hang glide.*

Esra and I prepare to hang glide.* semi-sorta-barely visible above/left of us is a hang glider.

my dad and I prepare to hang glide.*

At the SD Wild Animal Park. My one-armed photography technique manages to capture a Rhinoceros' ass.

Esra feeds some sort of deerish animal.... which later was fed to a far cooler animal with big teeth.

my brother appeases his vegetarian guilt by punching a deer in the face.**

"Ducks?? At a Wild Animal Park? good one, San Diego. here's an idea - come check out my Wild Squirrel Farm in New York, you losers. psssh!!"

Out of all the photos I took at the park, I seemed to only want to take pictures of Rhinoceri.

Esra refuses to take a picture of Rhinoceri. For your information, there are rhinoceri directly behind us. Not... behind us.. on the train, mind you... on the other side of the track.

a Del Mar beach

Esra demonstrates the importance of clean teeth while beach walking.

The quasi-Turkish-Persian-food meal that Esra, her brother Dave, my dad and I made. Pictured from top to bottom are Turkish Cigara Burek (spelling?), lamb & beef shish kabobs and my new favorite Persian dish, Gheimeh khoresh (stew), rice with the infamous crust (shown on top of the rice)

Esra and I plot the clubbing of nursing seals. OH And we Laugh! good times... good times.

we celebrate our carnage. I celebrate my awesomeness at one-arm picture taking.

Yes. we are available for fashion shoots. At very reasonable rates.. email for prices.

this is my new favorite picture in the Esra-verse.

this one isn't, but I like it anyway. Sadly, my camera ran out of juice before we got to the La Jolla Cave that I had been planning and plotting and scheming to go to - probably my favorite spot in all of SD. I'll get Esra to send me the pics she took and put them up here.

between La Jolla Cove and Children's Cove.

this is what I was seeing in the above photo.

just before sunset from one of the "little green shacks" between La Jolla Cove and Children's Cove.

just after Sunset, La Jolla Cove.

*no one was harmed during the shooting of these photos as no one actually hang... glid? ..glided??
**my brother did not actually punch a deer in the face.

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