Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow pictures and pictures and... pictures


Can I start off a picture set without pics of kitties? Nope. Look at Hambone peeking.

"The Many Faces of Flapjack" or
"The Ghosts of Flapjack" or
"I Really Need To Practice Taking Pictures With A Steady Hand"

my volleyball team at Jillian's b-day drinky thing, minus Meredith and Ash (Steve, Mike, Jillian, me)

There's Meredith.... and Esra. both blurry. ok, blurry shots are kinda cool.

the official drink of team Kwyjbo (Jager) - trust me, it was not my choice.

Jillian blatantly gropes Steve. Steve smiles.

form your own caption. a lot filled with rubble is a remarkably common sight in NYC.

playing with the new camera phone at battery park. Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island visible. sorta.

same sort of shot, no effects used.

a bit of an in-between'er. 4pm in Battery Park is a magical time.

One of the turkeys that lives in Battery Park. yep. he lives there. no word on what he does when in snows or when the wind blows 60+ mph like it's doing today.

my first view of the blizzard from Esra's living room window. bottom left is a picnic table.

and then from her kitchen window.

and bedroom window. there were a dozen or so pictures I took that morning from her windows. I'll spare you what amount to basically the same shot over & over.

plotting all of the fun I will have. insert diabolical laugh here.

Esra contemplates digging someone's van out of the snow. just for fun.

camera happy on my favorite weather day of the year.

One of the East Village's bazillion community parks.

the view down Houston. east.

Called into action to battle the snow, I hop into the nearest vehicle.

I like to do what I can.

Heee Heeeeeeeeee!

I think there's a snowball in the air somewhere just out of frame.

the view from my office window of battery park and subway construction. unfortunately, not visible is a 17th century fort wall recently discovered.

And the Statue of Liberty of course.

One of the statues in front of the American Indian Museum across from Bowling Green.

Another of the statues.

parents and kids play in the Washington Square Park circle.

snow melt cascades off of a building across from Liberty Plaza, near WTC.

another view. sadly the snow melt isn't showing up so well in the photo.

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