Friday, February 16, 2007

Moving Day - T plus 18 days and counting

I have moved. I am moved.
In. I'm in my new place.

ŋŋŋ The move itself was stressful, as all moves ever, are. Did cavemen stress on cave-moving day? Hopefully not so much. (sorry.. I mean cavepersons) They certainly didn't have 24 boxes (full of rocks and pterodactyl bones?). Nor did they have 6 flights of stairs to now climb. Nor the most awesome view in the world from the roof of their .. cave. (pictures soon)
ŋŋŋ They probably also didn't hire a wallpaper guy to put up super cool photomural wallpaper in the living room only to have him put up one panel upside down, panic and flee the apartment under the cover of saying he "needed to get better wallpaper glue" - before I realized what he'd done and why he'd fled.
ŋŋŋ They may have had two cats, who upon entering their new apartment cave, meowed for 5 minutes straight, then immediately hid under the couch for the next two days, only coming out after their owner sat on the floor and made the infamous cat-head-scratching-hand-gesture (ie. like repeatedly squeezing an invisible tennis ball) an act they are, of course, absolutely powerless to resist. The inner turmoil, the cognitive dissonance (if cats experience such things) visible on their little faces... hide under the couch or get head scratches... hmm. ok, it was cute and funny as hell, actually. They're mostly ok now, though Flapjack got a little bit hissy with Hambone over his territory.. which seems to be the whole apartment.
ŋŋŋ Shelves. Shelving. Shelves for kitchen stuff, shelves for clothes, shelves for the bathroom. And more shelves. Even in hindsight, just from thinking about it, I, and my cavemen ancestors, are exhausted. (You'll see in the pictures coming soon.. it's too much shelf-talk to talk about without seeing what I'm talking about).
ŋŋŋ Painting is done. If anyone needs a painter in NY for a great price who does a great job, let me know, I've got his details. He is not a caveman. He is, incidentally enough, Iranian.
ŋŋŋ Everything else is falling into place (please, no literal falling) - tv's are on the walls, most stuff is put away into as little space as I have, almost all the boxes are broken down, sold and gone. All extra furniture was given away free on craigslist (you want it free? you pick it up! Ohw yeahhh) or taken downstairs .. oh, or was sold or given away before I moved.
ŋŋŋ Basically, .. I had a vision. Of models and ninjas dancing naked with diamond unicorns who... wait.. wrong vision, sorry. It was a vision most city dwellers and cavepersons alike have shared through the ages: to turn a small apartment into the coolest, most kory-perfect, first own apartment ever. I cant speak for how my caveancestors did with their job but mine is .. hmm.. about 85% there.
ŋŋŋ I am, as of February 1st, and out of absolute necessity .... a Fresh Direct junkie. Ohh, I still loves me some Trader Joe's .. that will never ever change. But 6 flights of stairs? Umm.. yes. I'd like delivery please. I have, in fact, opted for delivery on just about everything that I could possibly get delivered. Next stop? laundry delivery. Woo Woooooo.
ŋŋŋ Hmm. I think that's about it for now... More later next week, after the wallpaper is up and everything everywhere is put away anywhere it'll go. Or wont.

ŋŋŋ OHhhw. ALSO: It snowed. a bunch. Not so much that I can maintain a weeklong perma-smile but long enough to make me giddy for a day or two. more on that and pictures of same later.

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