Friday, February 23, 2007

RANT: Live music, Loud bars and Miniature dogs

live music:
Pay X amount of $ (plus the $13 service charge Ticketbastards charges) to ... stand on your feet for 4 hours, get shoved about like you're on public transit, have drinks spilled on you, yell to be heard, strain (and fail) to hear your friends, lose 20% of your hearing for the next 48 hours, pay $7 for a drink ... all for what? mostly, to be able to later tell your friends you saw a bunch of connected, lucky (mostly) males on a stage, playing instruments and sounding 35% worse than their excellent sounding IN-STUDIO sound? Guess what you guys?! they sung a few notes a little different than on their album! Oh My God, they were AMAZING! bullshit. sorry. but you are seeking admiration and envy from your friends because you are such a "super fan". there IS something to be said for being-out-with-friends-and-sharing-a-common-experience. there IS something to be said for hearing your favorite songs loudly played. there IS something to be said for people watching. All I want is for someone, anyone to join me in admitting that the last 3 things are really why you go to shows.

LOUD bars / clubs:
let's see: people go to a place that's made too loud (on purpose) to pay $7 per drink and stand around pretending to hear eachother, all the while shouting and losing their voice so that the person they're talking to can only hear .. 30% of what's said, tops... lose 20% of your hearing for the next 48 hours. If it's socialization people want, a loud bar is the exact opposite of where it should happen. people (who aren't 'single') go to bars because "that's what we're supposed to do" at our age - it's our socially-mandated, acceptable arena for drinking away from the home.

miniature dogs:
i hate them all. would it be wrong to invent a game where you have to get from one side of a big room to the other by jumping from miniaturized dog to miniaturized dog like stepping stones? wait.. strike that... instead, you jump on the faces of their owners to the faces of whatever experimenting geneticists created these abominations of nature. it's not the dogs' fault they're so fucking stupid (except for when they start doing the yappy barking thing)

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