Wednesday, April 11, 2007

pictures, red hot, get them.; on or around the location of here.

the following are all shots taken while driving back from Newport, OR to Portland, OR. No, I was not driving. "but they're blurry", you say. "yes", I say back. the hit-or-miss of sharp vs. blurry and the blurring effect itself would be the fun of it all.
see? motion. sexy.
some are sharp and blurry. check the trees in the background.

like this one too. Oregon trees - nice, eh?

how is it that pixels can be so mesmerizing to look at? this one feels like an album cover.
ok, I'll shut up now.

or not. see the clear cut hillside in the background? ya, it's like that all over Oregon (and Washington, and California). what you (city folk) dont see ('cause it's only visible from rural backroads) cant hurt you (until Al Gore's doomsayer's logic comes to pass - and even then, it'll be your children's problem!)
back to le blur magnifique! pay ze no attencion to le clear cut mouwten side on ze hill behine.

stop the car. I just saw bigfoot scratching a lottery ticket.

sorry, not bigfoot. we did however see the following: 2 bald eagles (no lie), deer, alpacas, seals, sea lions, rabbits and elk.
they were all sharing a minivan into town one day.

they seem almost painted. do they not?

riiiight? riiiiight?


more missssssssssssssssst.

the Portland Chinese Botanical Gardens. a must-see if you're in Portland. a must see even if you're not in Portland! hay-ohhhh!

Esra likes pretty flowers. it's true. you'll see.

see? that didn't take too long.

rain. flower. rainy flower.

this photo shall remain captionless.

this looks like the back cover pic to a book on spiritual tantric zen budhist yoga cooking. namaste.

One armed photo goodness?? Ohw yeahh. I still got it.

Esra, you are so freakin' adorable.

this one was too cute to delete. (also)

a new phenomenon for me: cats in sinks. well.. the new part is my cats are in my sink. we all, of course (or should) remember the still awesome website: In case you cant read the title of the book propped next to them, it's David Rakoff's Dont Get Too Comfortable ... it just seemed.. way too obviously appropriate.

Sun... is too... para.. lyzing... cant move... find your own... damn... sink.

this photo was taken 10 seconds before fatass hambone and his fat, fat ass tried to jump off the shelf he'd sneak-jumped his way onto... and subsequently tore down. a good thing in hindsight, I guess: I got to lower the shelf, put wall anchors in and put just enough stuff on the shelf to prevent future kitty hijinks.

Esra's friends in Brooklyn were away for a few days and asked us to house-and-dog-sit. Uhmm.. we can use the fireplace? well, well, well. It turns out, all I need to never want to watch tv again is a fireplace. and wine.

and a camera. although in this pic, I look like I'm tipping the scales at a cookie-faced 395 lbs. you know what they say: "fireplaces add 200 lbs in photos!"
Esra looks wickedly hot, as per usual.

And again. oh. see how big their frickin' apartment is? it's stupidly-ridiculous-huge. Such is the life of an artistic director of a nationally known performance group ... that performs in blue. and is a group. of manses.

fire. good.

look into the fire... my precious. join us... joooiiin ussss. ya, YOU. i'm talkin' to you. get in here.

see? wine.

Esra's great fireside pic.

a poor panorama of my new roof, with snow. from right to left. the three eastern bridges are not at all visible recognizable due to snow.

pic 2. the Puck Building to the left. on the far middle right is Nikola Tesla's old building where he invented the Tesla coil. Better pics soon.

Puck Building again and a snow covered roof. the fancy lighted space on the top right is where they have fancy-schmancy tuxedo parties.

really. better pics soon.

The USS Intrepid on it's way past the Statue of Liberty to a New Jersey drydock for 2 years of repairs.

Esra's mom, cousin Ben (son of the aunt that we stayed with in Portland) and Esra.

Long Island City, post Oscar party. the first really great snow-blanketing of the winter season.

Battery Park... this really was the first time it snowed (a little) this winter.
More Battery Park. more (slight) snow. Oh, a turkey roams this park. yep. a turkey. her name is Zelda.

Kitties in a box! what better way to end a photo set than kitties in a box! have box? will kitty.

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