Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Engagement Party Pictures

are here: Engagement Party Pictures

Just so you can match up the names & faces with who's who, here's a run down of names and who they are to me ... / us. in no particular order (except the one I gave it, based on outright bribes paid directly to me)

Esra: she's m' lady!! (ooooEeeeeOoooo!)
Kory: that would be.. me, I think. let me check. yes. me.

Chris: 1/2 of best man(s), volleyball teammate
Jillian: his girlfriend, volleyball teammate and "my" bridesmaid
Matt: 1/2 of best man(s)
Karen: his fiance
Holly: Maid of Honor, bridesmaid
Dawn: Esra's friend, bridesmaid
Karl: Dawn's boyfriend
Marisa: 1st catskills trip-mate, my 'hero' (got me 1st of PA work)
Seth: Marisa's boyfriend
Meredith: volleyball teammate
Mike: volleyball teammate
Ash: volleyball teammate
Steven: volleyball teammate
Meredith ("Steve's meredith"): Steven's girlfriend
Clare: carpoolmate to this wedding we attended
Rich: Clare's husband, also carpoolmate
Theo: Rich & Clare's baby who'd been in utero during that wedding
Jeremy: Esra's former coworker
Rachel: Jeremy's girlfriend
Dana: Esra's former coworker, friend
Sandi: Esra's former college-mate
Alicia: Esra's Boston friend

did i miss anyone?

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