Wednesday, December 21, 2005

a cabin in the Catskills


- a trip to the Catskills -

to the catskills! or ... Cat skills... or... CatSkills. Well, you know which one I prefer.

you did not grow up on this planet if you have not taken a variation of this kind of photo.

"make a right after 'Pan the kill Road'" - Pan The Kill? I got more bonus points than I probably deserved for figuring out that the directions should have read Pantherkill Road.

Cute little houses + snow = happiness.
ok, fine... anything + snow = happiness.

This stunning picture almost captures how beautiful the cabin was, day & night. It didnt hurt that we had a professional photographer with us.

"cabin" implies sacrifice. this was anything but.

from the A-frame's loft.

another nice shot from the loft.

Yeah. a working wood burning stove. 1 of 3 types of heat we used (central electric heating, fireplace, stove)

An out of sequence photo of Dylan and Marissa, just for introductions-sake. Dylan, Marissa, this is everybody... everybody, Dylan and Marissa.

And Diego, of course. if you must know, and I know some of you must, he's a Vizsla.

I was compelled by evil sorcery (or wine) to make symetrical snow clomping patterns outside our cabin. you dont even KNOW how much fun it was. you DONT even KNOW.

to Phoenecia!! where's that? Ah. right... it's by Woodstock. We all got carsick, it was awesome.

Old timey goodness.

At Sweet Sue's, Phoenecia. baseball glove sized pancakes await.

or mayyyyybe... ah heck, it's BLT time, who am I fooling?

Have you seen any waitresses in any of these photos? uh-huh.. point made.

I think I remember what food tastes like.... hmmm.

HA Ha ha! Oh my god, that's so funny I'm going to eat my own face. or yours. or that baby over there.

a nice tree. between nice shops. everything is nice. because we've finally eaten.

food is good. not working is good. the hills and snow and .. did I mention food is good?

our band photo got a little cut off. oops.

deliiiiicious beverages.

they have this strange holiday out here... it's called... hau.. hann... hanoo ... something.

Esra loves this photo.

Interesting tree with partially stripped bark. Everything on our mile hike above Woodstock was interesting. And beautiful. And good. And should I mention that we hiked with visions of burritos-to-come in our heads?

hikey hikey.

I think I pointed out this lighting to Dylan. I am, of course, now entitled to 50% of all profits made from any photos he takes.

what? a big spastic dog that jumps up on you??? no way. have you ever seen a dog become retarded because he's so happy? yeah.

Fireside portrait time: "you have to hold your pose for 6 seconds". Esra, take 12.

Whatever I'm looking at, it's in exactly the right spot to make this photo suck.

"Did I set the p-stop, white balance, F stop over correction to the wide aperature for the " .... ok, I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. I am quite glad Dylan did. does.


seeeee??????? If I took this picture, you'd ask me "cool.. what's that?"

Dogs and photos were made for eachother.

Fabulous-dinner-if-I-do-say-so-myself-night. I made scallops in lemon/onion butter and poached white fish. And brussell sprouts.

make a right after the bridge. This river ran approx 100 feet from our cabin.

Our cabin and carriage. the road out (to the left and up the hill) got icey enough to force 3 of us out of the car twice to push us past a few impassable parts.

Diego fumed and barked with impotent jealousy whenever anyone climbed the loft stairs. He would climb them if you literally 'escorted' him, side-by-side up the stairs, but wouldn't climb them by himself. Seeing the open space through the stairs made him unsure of the climb. descent was no problem.

Esra and I make the "oh-god-please-dont-fall" walk. Somehow, Dylan fell four times, none of the rest of us fell even once.

Diego models.

Dylan 'one-arm's it. As a master of one arm photography myself, I've gotta admit, the boy's got skills.

the back porch, early AM. did I mention that the 2 bedroom cabin was $300 for 2 nights?

all photosets should end with a sunset photo.

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