Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh kno... please knot my knee agaikn.

...last night's volleyball match was heaps and mounds and piles of fun. The game itself was... what I did to my knee 30 seconds before our first best-of-3 games.... well... that wasn't so pleasant. I do believe I tore or partially tore or separated or ... i believe the medical term is: 'fuckedly disconnected' whatever connects my knee cap to... the rest of me. Some of you might be tempted to ask "You mean you hurt your knee and you played volleyball anyway?" My response to you would be "hey! look over there! something distracting!!". I have no justification for playing except that a) I really wanted to play b) my team would have had to forfeit for a shortage of players c) I didn't want to accept the fact that something major had just happened. Sooo... my teammates saw me injure the knee and then play through it but they missed all the fun after that... like falling on the subway stairs... like the knee giving out on me thrice on the walk home from the subway (thankfully, no falling for those)... but best of all was the 'cold shivers' of shock my body seemed to think i needed for the trauma i'd put it through. it seemed ok this morning until i put on my right shoe and heard & felt the same pop or tear-strain or whatever it was and had to lie back and writhe in pain for a good 45 seconds.
...Good times... good times. needless to say, my week in SD coming up will be well welcomed for recovery. If I haven't miraculously recovered and somehow regrown a tendon or ligament or whatever the hell tore, i'm gonna see about.... surgery. Yeah. another knee surgery. Fun. And yet... some part of me actually wants surgery.. with that MCL-tear scare on the pier 25 sand courts this summer and now this.. i sorta want everything just... "fixed" or replaced by bionics. or taffy.
...this concludes the whiney, whining baby portion of our day.

update: my knee is ok. I think. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who took some x-rays and did a little touchy-feely (not that kind, get your mind outta the gutter) on it and recommended a physical therapy + wait-and-see approach. My first game of the season is 1/11/06 so keeping my fingers crossed that my leg doesn't fall off halfway through.

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