Wednesday, December 14, 2005

San Diego pictures

SAN DIEGO pictures

La Jolla Cove. I am still the master of one armed photography. Minus the 10-degrees-too-high-angle I chose. If it helps you to imagine it was taken from a low flying helicopter, be my guest.

STILL the master of one armed photography. La Jolla Cove, the other way.

No time for one armed photography here. Two armed photography captures my dad, my brother and a speeding Amtrak train on the coast in Del Mar.

The train is so beautiful, it makes Dary cry. My dad is impressed by his emotion.

A visit to my mom. I cant decide if this photo is morbidly irreverent or touchingly appropriate.

Maybe all photos at cemeteries are inappropriate... I dont know. I do know I'm glad I took them.

Hambone wipes your mind of any sadness the above pictures may have inspired.

My dad at Balboa Park. I could seriously spend a month in that park and not be bored.

December 7th. The Dayani men.

We barely talked my dad (who's flown recently in two-seater planes) into taking a gondola ride across the Zoo.

and then of course, we went picture crazy. Paige and Dary started.

You'd think my brother or Paige took this picture but NO!!! the one-armed-photography bandit strikes again. Go on, you can admit it.... I rule. it doesn't mean you dont, it just means I do, a LOT.

These kids paintings entertained us to no end. Especially my happy friend on the left.

I wasn't lying. Look at him. How could you not ... uh... make a really scary face next to him. Ooops. that was supposed to be a smile to match his smile, not a psycho "I'm-about-to-kill-all-the-pandas" kinda look.

Seriously. Panda paintings are way more interesting than real pandas.

See what I mean? this dude just ate and ate (up to 40lbs of bamboo) in between one of his 18-22 daily bowel movements.

Pretty? yes. As interesting as a happy panda painting? Psssh. I wont even answer that.

My life is now so much more meaningful now that I have a picture of me and a panda.

ok, this Was pretty cool: they give polar bears plastic santas to play with- just like in the wild.

This warning notice is meant to protect angry, electric storms from interpretive freeform dancers.

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