Friday, December 09, 2005

Listicle 5.S

Listicle 5.S

`^~~porn for Flapjack and Hambone. cats in sinks. what's it about? cats in sinks, duh.
`^~~I claim Steve Martin in the name of America. Steve Martin, National Treasure.
`^~~Newsflash: McSweeney's still funnier than the Onion.
`^~~If you missed my b-day or x-mas, I'll take one of these. or these.
`^~~our cliquish neighborhood cupcake bakery features prominently in one of the funniest SNL clips ever. So funny that the video iPod folk are going to load it standard with new iPod purchases. I know, I know.. you're too cool or busy to check out a video link.. Really... you've gotta start checkin' that attitude at the door.
`^~~the new best website in the world.... best for Smiles!!!
`^~~bionics for the able bodied? sign me up. wait, what... No, not for the military, NO I didn't sign any paperwork.. no, what? ok, ok, forget it, I dont want it!
`^~~have you put this on your machine yet? why not? 1 in 4, people... 1 in 4. please?

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