Thursday, May 05, 2005

DM Overheard's

DM Overheard's
++ Lauren, I dont ... Lauren, I dont know... Lauren.. do you REALLY think i HID your jacket? Why would I do that? Lauren... Lau-ren.. is it on the back of the ... ok, is it in the clos... LAUREN, stop screaming at me!

++ I thought to myself.. who is this kid walking with just her jeans in her hands..?

++ you needed $100, I gave you $100, you needed clothes... you.. bought something else. I DO understand. Lauren, Lauren, listen to me. I know that, but I'm telling you... Lauren, are you at school?

++ Lauren, stop making a mountain out of a molehill. if something is gone, we can replace it. NO I DO understand! And I told you 7 times... you want to go pick one up tomorrow?? It's ok, you can go get one. I need one too, I'm tired of wearing the same....

++ not only are you killing me with the smell.. but. your body odor is.... water is your friend, Dave. I have to shampoo the furniture because your body odor stays in the furniture. I do everything for you, you can do this thing for me, Go Wash.

++ I have Lauren screaming over coats. A coat I haven't seen in weeks. it's like: 'Lauren, maybe you shouldn't get drunk, pass out at other people's houses & lose your coats.' Ya think? So I have her complaining that her father is stealing her coats.. or -I- am. Her father smells worse than a sewer and I.... woah. I dont know.

++ Lauren, you need to stop talking to me like I'm your child. Lauren, I am the parent and YOU are the child. Yes, you are. Yes, Lauren. you are talking... Lauren it comes out nasty. Lauren, it's NASTY. and the tone in your voice comes off as condescending. you need to listen to you voice 'cause there's nothing nice in it. AT ALL.

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