Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Over and Over and Overheard

++ No Dave, you do NOT let anyone in to her room to take anything. No Dave, it is NOT ok. Dave, do you even Know this daughter of yours? do you see how she's playing us?

++ I haven't seen her since afternoon yesterday. No one has. Yeah, she has her cell phone on her. ya, that's a joke, she just turns it off or doesn't answer it when she sees it's me calling. She thinks I was born yesterday and I'm a baby. A little baby who doesn't know what's going on.

++ she's with that boyfriend, I'm sure. what does he even do..? oh. ya, I know what that is.. like the legal kind.. but not legal, right? right. Ya, I already forbid her from staying at his place. You know.. you girls are stupid, you really are. Do you know what will happen to you if the authorities wise up to him? I dont need this. He's bad news and you all know it and you hang out with him anyway.

++ Ya, I -want- to find her. Y'know what the next thing that's gonna happen is? I'm gonna stop by his house on my way home. Ya. I'm gonna have a long talk with his parents, if he even lives with his parents. this will stop. If she wont listen, she can pack her backs and go. I'm sick of this.

++ You were at school? you're sure? really. And you couldn't give me a call? you knew I was trying to reach you. Yeah, you did. you knew. I've been trying to r... Selfish. Little. Brat. Yeah, you are. You know what Lauren. You know what Lauren. You know what Lauren.... you better start treating me better. or you're gonna be out. You really wanna say goodbye?? [click]

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