Friday, June 03, 2005

what's "dating"? knee-v-ball NYC

---not to jinx anything or anything... but I'm dating someone. Ya, I know, that only took a full year+, right?
----Dont ask where we met. I will tell you we met on the moon.
Her name is Sarah, and she is a super cool, sweet, sexy lil thing. (except she's not "lil", she's 5'10") that's Quite quite fun - the dating, not her height. Also fun is the fact that for the 1st time in my life I'm not on a mad dash sprint to boyfriend/girlfriend-status, which is actually strange for it being uncharted territory for me. (ya ok, so I never learned the basics of conventional dating - i Did have the same gf all through college, y'know)
----She's a freelance editor/writer (right now, working for Scholastic books, Country Living and editing a cookbook for Martha Stewart (Yes, it's all part of my alterior motives to end up dating Martha)) and a marathon runner - good god, runners ... i doubt I could ever get fit like she is. And in general is incredibly smart, funny and has her life ridiculously together which brings a level of respect and admiration that is Quite Quite sexy in itself. Oh and she's almost finished writing her second novel and she wont let me read it... which is also sexy.
----We went to Philadelphia this last weekend to see a travelling Salvador Dali exhibition at the Phili Museum of Art. Most excellent. I'd seen the Dali Museum in St Petersburg FL years ago (the 2nd largest collection of his work outside of Spain) but this exhibit in Phili had works from Spain, St Petersburg and a lot from private collections. Phili itself was cool but our time was limited there since I'd ... [sigh] ... lost my damn phone on the Amtrak train getting to Phili. While we were in the museum, the guy who found it called Sarah's phone & we arranged to meet up at the train station that night... turned out it was the conductor who found it & i think mighta been operating a little side venture wherein he finds lost cell phones, calls the last number(s) dialed & tries to get the phone back to the owner to collect a reward. I didn't mind in the slightest.. it was well worth a reward to not have to deal w/ the hassle of replacing a phone.
----Not much else is new out this way - I wrenched my knee playing sand v-ball two saturdays ago - I thought I'd torn something in it (again, grrr) but i think i just sprained it... I hope. It of course all happened in slow motion and sounded like wet knuckles rubbing hard against eachother - no "pop" sounds - so that's good. With no health insurance, I'm REALLY hoping nothing tore, at least. I played last night and it held up really well with only a few minor minor scares. It amazes me that I could be more than halfway into a given physical action (a deep lunge to the side, a jump, a dive, whatever) and split-second-think to myself "ok, that was dumb, that's a great way to injure the knee again, jackass!" but not be able to NOT make the dangerous move in the first place. Luckily, the knee brace I wore provided the physical and psychological support it's intended to give and kept me, mostly at least, conscious to be extra careful on it.
----Our team is in 3rd place in our league and seems solidly set to make the playoffs. We're on a 6 game winning streak and it's feeling goooood. (3 games per night, once a week) One of our teammates videotapes our games and puts the footage up on the net - which is a bit ... dorky? I guess..? but hey, also fun to save such moments for posterity. ("See there, son? that's me accidentally hitting my teammate in the back of the head with the ball. Good times.... good times") If you feel like seeing the video, email me after Tuesday (6/7/05) - my teammate has usually digitized the footage & uploaded it by the Tuesday of the following week.
----What else? the weather is getting warmer, the parks are drawing cityfolk out of their work and sleep boxes, fountains spark play and giggles in children and soothe work week weary and weekened relaxing adults, natives and tourists are shopping, dining, drinking into the nights... nights without jackets, nights that feel as though they'd be daytime if not for the spiteful sun hiding out of sight...
Oh and I still love New York.
- if you couldn't tell.

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