Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NFL Draft Sweepstakes - draft pics (get it?)


Hambone hams it up with the fake broken leg. cute bastard.

outside of Radio City Music Hall, the night before the draft.

One armed photo goodness.

We look so much hotter in this photo. What? Am I supposed to not include it?? Also, the moving truck looks cool. I mean hot.

the view from the continental breakfast buffet area. the view from our room was much the same, just reversed (to see the West side of the park, instead of the East, pictured here)

Matt tries out for the NY Jets.

My turn. Interestingly enough, the Jets dont have a # 06 on their team. And the Jets picked #4 in the draft, not #6.

Let's call this... the grand concourse of Radio City Music Hall. looking down from the 3rd mezzanine level. Oh, do you like my artsy photo tilting technique? neither do I. I'm having fun with it though.

One armed photo blury fun.

"And the Oakland Raiders, with the number seven overall selection in the NFL Draft select... Michael Huff out of Texas"

Annnnd... another shot of same. Damn I need a zoom on my cameraphone.

And sitting in front of me?? Randy Moss and LaMont Jordan!! I know! awesome huh? LaMont could bulk up a little with some Chunky soup, I think.

Poor Matt Leinart. Going to a team where he'll almost surely start from day 1. Oh, did I mention the millions and millions of dollars he's gonna make?

the view from the ground level.

later that night.

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