Tuesday, May 02, 2006

listicle 12.²´

ðððð...If I told you I didn't search for these links, they find me, would you believe me? 'tis true.

ðððð...This summer, I'll be here. Will I pay those drink prices? Heylll No.. thanks to this!

ðððð... I found a new most-beautiful-watch-in-the-world, top left picture. [insert picture of me drooling on the watch here] The watch type.. or style? ..is called a jump hour watch and I -will- own one someday. Anyone got any tips on a good pyramid scheme? Now accepting donations.

ðððð...The above replaces this watch as the most-beautiful-watch-in-the-world.

ðððð... from the only blog I read daily (she's hilarious, read more)... your cuteness-quota will be filled for the day

ðððð... OhSweetJeebus - I cant believe I just stumbled across this! - I think about this clip every time I hear the words "Capital I" or .. even see a capital letter I. ..or heck, even whenever I see a big ol' eyeball. considering that I first saw it 28 YEARS AGO.. I'd say the clip/song was pretty impressionable. thank you YourTube and people who upload. Those of you in bands, I double-dog-dare you to record a full length version of the song. Also, I will give you $1.

ðððð... OhSweetDoubleJeebus! - Johnny Cash and Big Bird - Dont Take Your One's To Town.

ðððð... I think I would be in heaven if/when this gets made. I may need to help fund it's completion.

ðððð... Could this guy be the crazy toe massager I wrote about last year?

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