Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Listicle 6.g

-==---A good inside-Iran view of what the country is people are really like, despite the clerical theocracy's ever-failing attempts at strangling their freedom.

-==---the new best site in the universe and beyond the universe and beyond THAT, even.

-==---yes, Overheard In NY, I still love you.

-==---pardon the product endorsement but my new cameraphone is the coolest. well... coolest that the American market will allow. 2.0 megapixel camera with a lot of SLR camera functionality, interchangable disk storage for 100+ songs, speach-to-text input for voice memos, a business card scanner that I will never ever EVER use and streaming tv channels if I were so dorky as to want to watch tv on a cell phone which I am thankfully... Not. I mention this because my last cameraphone had a 0.3 megapixel camera. as in yes... zero point three. so ... yes, I'm quite excited to take real pictures.

-==---the double retractable headphones with microphone that I bought for said cameraphone are also, in case you were wondering, look like they would be the coolest. but aren't. bad sound, bad phone jack. bad retractable functionality. p-tew, i spit on you, bad headphones!

-==---Esra and I finally went to Katz's Deli (opened in 1888) it doesn't get much more New Yorky than Katz's. MmmMMmm.... Reuuuuuben saaaaandwiches.

-==---Oh my lord. this is the funniest ...anything I've read in ... any amount of time you could think of.

-==---If you've ever eaten on NY's "Indian Row", these guys have almost surely fought over you to enjoy their chili-pepper-xmas-lighty goodness. who doesn't love being fought over?

-==---I cant get this song out of my head. sorry, now it's your turn.

-==---this gmap of where and how much I walked on Monday makes it seem kinda trivial. who else walked 5+ miles in 25 degree weather? there, now I feel better.

-==---it's hard to believe these are real photographs.

-==---I'm going to be looking for a new apartment in May in this area. not that I'm particular or anything. If anyone knows of a 1BR or huge studio in that zone, post a comment, please! I will give you my first born with options on the second if it's a really really nice place.

-==---speakin' of Iran, come to the Persian (new years) Parade! it's March 20th!

-==---an Onion interview with my current favorite funny man, Steven Colbert.

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