Wednesday, January 04, 2006

some more pictures and tidbitds


a panorama shot from my dad's back porch in Rancho Sante Fe. almost visible down to the left of the water (a protected bird sanctuary) is a huge field for horses with a palm tree grove visible to the left of that. to the right of the water is a private racetrack owned by Jenny Craig. Hot air balloons flock to this valley anually for it's natural wind currents. Needless to say, it's probably one of the best views I've ever woken up to.

Happy New Year! I look retarded! YEAYYY!!!

Esra doesn't look retarded, just cute. damn her!

the first snow of winter! as defined by my sh!t eating grin.

Do you nee to see the other way down my street? I thought so.

Ash and I watch the Raiders get their arses kicked by the Jets at the Meadowlands. I look in pain. because I am. because the Raiders are losing to an even suckier (this year only) team than themselves.

I look happy.... ...... but I'm not. but I sorta am, 'cause it snowed for about 15 seconds.

some pictures from our volleyball semi-finals of last year where we won the plaques. woohoo.

me hitting. notice my amazing 6" vertical jump. (ahem, let's assume I was still going up)

boom! i think.

Ohhhhw. yes. I blocketh your feeble attempt at a hit. and look hot doing it.

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