Monday, January 23, 2006

Things I Like Muchly and Things I Dont

-==---Things I Like Muchly and Things I Dont (a new segment)

Things I Like Muchly
---perfect timing
---the word "machinate"
---clothing in any shade of green
---sketchers grand prix shoes, circa 1995
---red flame Le Creuset
---Will Ferrell
---microsuede down comforters
---almond flavor
---the Oakland Raiders
---high definition television
---astronomy (pictures)

Things I Dont
---freezing rain
---fat, gelatenous oysters
---delays, waiting
---people with obvious social intelligence deficits
---Campers, Ugh boots, duck billed shoes
---the word "masticate"
---large shopping malls / chain stores
---cell phones with cb-radio functions (beedle-beep!! "yo, where you at?")
---wild boars
---televised baseball, basketball, rugby, dramas, reality shows, religion

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Loopy said...

do you know what synesthesia is?