Wednesday, November 02, 2005

another Listicle for your enjoyment

yep. you read that right:
Listicle - n. a (newspaper, magazine, web site, etc.) article consisting primarily of a list.
Etymology: list + article (frankly, I think list + testicle is more appropriate, but to each their own)
Editorial Note: This term is often used in a deprecating way, to describe an article or news story which required very little effort to produce.

and without further adieu, my very little effort!
+-- Ten very maybe surprising things about Iran
+-- surely you remember Jack Handey..?
+-- OverheardInNY and OverheardIntheOffice are STILL the best sites ever.
+-- Come to NY, we'll go here and here and here and of course, I know you want to do this.
+-- [in sing songy voice] if you come to NY, you can see theeese.
+-- if you come or not, you missed this. I did smell it despite my horrible sense of smell.
+-- blogs are stupid (ahem) but this one's pretty cool (female NYC taxi driver)
+-- Matt and I saw this guy (most notably of this and this movie) on this (my) corner of this city yesterday. he and his beautiful wife and beautiful kiddies were all dressed almost entirely in black. 'cause... they're cool like that i guess. Jean had a stupid phone headset hanging from his ear though he was definitely Not on the phone.
+-- October 17th marked the 1 year anniversary of Short-Hair-Kory.
+-- I started my first To Do list in 10 years. It's a little ridiculous that the joy of seeing something crossed off a list (that you, yourself made) is motivation enough to do things. This isn't so much something for the Listicle as it is something about lists. hey, my listicle, my rules.
+-- you KNOW the word "listicle" is going to be stuck in your head for days now, HA HAaaa! deal with it, suckers. ( psssssst.... Listicle! )

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