Tuesday, November 15, 2005


My silly Quad champion plaque and even sillier Division champ t-shirt.

pre-Saturday v-ball at the Onasis Resevoir, Central Park:

pre-Saturday v-ball, Central Park, UES

Esra & I at the Statue of Liberty ferry spot, Battery Park

It's hard to tell, but Hambone is in mid-jump. and still as crazy as ever.

driving to Boston, Esra likes this photo, I dont.

Fine, ok, .... I have a thing for girls in glasses.

Laughing while kissing rarely makes for great photos.

A Boston sunset

And just 'cause this picture makes me smile whenever I see it:

And as much as I am not happy with the Raiders lately, so does this one:

--A different set of pics:
on the MetroNorth heading to a 1 yr old's birthday party in Highland Lakes NJ near Vernon, due west of Tarrytown, NY .. and/or, Sleepy Hollow, if you prefer more artificially (recently re-) named towns. New Jersey is freaking beauuuutiful when you're not around the city parts.

I'm getting good with this one armed photo-taking thing, eh?

Ahhhh, candid photos. flash helps. must .. learn.. that.. flash helps.

Ok, maybe I'm not getting that good at it.

The birthday boy's on the left. The girls are Esra's college friends.

This swan had major attitude. After making an impressive skid-landing in front of us and attempts at luring small children into the lake, it hissed like a cat at me and later barked like a dog at nothing in particular.

Here comes Mr. Rude. Oh, by the way, in New Jersey, you can have a house on a lake for under a million bazillion dollars. - Sincerely, Kory Dayani, future New Jersey resident.

little Rose hears the swan's siren song and wonders if walking on water is still not possible.

Later that night, Esra's friend Erica and her boyfriend Gary came over for "Turkish night" - Raki (pronounced reh-KUH) and appetizers and more Raki and then later more appetizers and Raki and me taking photos with one arm 'cause I think I'm super good at it.

So here's the deal: one glass with 1/4 ice, 1/4 Raki, 1/2 water. another tall glass of just ice water. Sip from Raki glass, set Raki glass down (two fisted drinking, it turns out, is not very Turkish), pick up ice water glass, take equal sized sip. set water down. repeat.

From there we went to Maia, a great Turkish restaraunt/bar on B at 7th St.

Yep. that's a tray of lit candles she's balancing on her head as she bellydances.

Esra gets pulled into the action. Note the proper female angle of the arms of 45 degrees. Men's arms should be straight out at 90 degrees. Gary was given a lesson on proper Turkish dancing.

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