Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Listicle 4.h

Listicle 4.h

~~~Dont buy me anything for my birthday or Christmas. make me something from this.
~~~Ok, if you feel compelled, I'm trying to keep an Amazon wish list updated.
~~~even better, I would be soo soo soo very very happy with you and think you're the coolest if you'd put this 100% harmless and potentially really helpful application on your computer.
~~~Very cool NYC photos, circa 1965. lots of Washington Square Park and West Village shots.
~~~Ya, I love weird people.
~~~and yeah, I still like bionic related things.
~~~and yes, please dont worry. I still love zombies too. how could I not when they're this cute?
I no longer think the Onion is funny. why? McSweeney's - every single day is funnier, and Phatphree too, they raised the funny bar too high. sorry Onion.. I'm calling you out.
~~~Pandora.com, "you complete me" - unless they're just fooling me into thinkin' it's cooler than it really is, I could see never listening to music at work any other way going forward - Basically, you tell it a band or song name that you like, then it scans the Music Genome Project and based on the qualities of what you told it to look for, plays music that is very similiar. You then rate things as Liked or Not Liked and it further refines what it'll play for you. I've created 5 channels so far & they've all played great stuff related to what i already like... whatever you can think of, band or song names.. it's craziness I tell you.!! I cant believe i'm just findin' out about this - ok, I'm ending the commercial hard-sell...... nnnnnnnnnnnnow.

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