Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Random memories

I recently watched the 3rd Star Wars movie and it got me to thinkin' about the hardest i'd ever laughed in a class - St Paul's in Pacific Beach, CA - 6th grade, Ms Morrow bending over a students desk in front of my friend David and I, the whole class chatting quietly amongst themselves while this one student got some one on one time w/ the teacher - I look over to David who's gripping imaginary x-wing fighter controls, aiming to 'fly' down the 'canal' of Ms Morrow's rather large butt and in a cb radio-like voice quoted the Star Wars about-to-destroy-the-Death-Star line "stay on target... staaaay on tarrrget" - needless to say, I couldn't stop crying laughing and got sent to the principal's office for not fessing up to why i was laughing so hard. Immature? you bet. Hilarious to a 6th grader? without a doubt. ...Sorry, Ms Morrow.

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