Friday, November 11, 2005

Listicle 3.E

Listicle 3.E

*--.....hands down, the best pictures on the net - scan down for the ENTER button
*--.....Matt, Karen & I went and saw Rob Corddry of the Daily Show guest star in a performance at Upright Citizens Brigade a few Friday's back. hilaaarious. I'm constantly amazed by how funny improv can be when it's not done by these guys.
*--.....did I make you watch this World Trade Center time lapse film trailer yet?
*, I wish I could draw... or draw better than I do.
* it's a time lapse art kind of week, I guess.
*--.....1 out of 4 Americans has visted NY since 9/11. were you one of them?
*--.....Ahh the fine line between savantism and genius. truly impressive paper crafting.
*--.....have I mentioned that is the best site ever?
*--.....You missed the leaves falling. No link, you just missed 'em, that's all.
*--.....I scored tickets to the Colbert Report for December 12th! WOOHOO! I am so awesome.
* photos by an Iranian guy in NY who's not me.
*--.....I finally finally finally after 2.5 years... put some stuff up on my bedroom walls:

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