Thursday, August 03, 2006

Listicle 20.0Ż

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ I couldn't decide which to use as an example, they're all my favorite.

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ Coming back from lunch just now, I saw an older black guy selling stuff near Bowling Green wearing: leather sandals, many-pocketed cargo pants, a D.A.R.E. t-shirt, assorted gold and silver colored jewelry, a tan beret and.. and I'm still trying to believe this part myself.. a restaraunt-style paper-wrapped straw pulled through one earing hole. - The thought of him later using this straw, for some reason, makes me want to mentally throw up inside my brain. ...It takes a lot to phase me.. Kudos Sir, kudos.

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ If I didn't already have a self cleaning litterbox, I'd buy this one. Watch the how-it-works animation to see the novel concept the use for the emptying process. Oh and it's got the word "robot" in it which always gets major bonus points from me.

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ fly a plane through your favorite google cities. and uhh.. shoot bullets? and crash? really, Google??

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ most hilarious stuff I've read in a long while: "His usual tactic is to assume a character and infiltrate an organization (the Raelians, Hollywood studios, the Guardian Angels, the Philip Michael-Thomas Psychic Reader Network) and then write about his experiences".
Update: I just finished his book The Harmon Chronicles. Funniest f'n book I've read in a year or more.

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ Esra and I in ascii. just 'cause...

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ not actual photos, they're photorealistic gradient mesh vector art.. would you have known?

ôÕõØøŏŐőǿ I'm sorry Esra, you are now in competition with this robot.

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