Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Listicle 19.6I

ÌìÍíÎîÏïĨĩĪīĬĭĮįİı - It's that time again, peoples! time to score me (and/or you and me) Saturday Night Live tickets!! - "To enter the Saturday Night Live ticket lottery for the upcoming 2006-2007 season send an email in the month of August only to snltickets@nbcuni.com. Please include all contact information and do not request a specific date. If you are selected, you will receive two tickets to a random show date and time. You may only send one email per household and all audience members must be at least 16 years of age. Please note that entering the lottery does not guarantee tickets, and you will only be notified in the event that you are chosen. "

ÌìÍíÎîÏïĨĩĪīĬĭĮįİı - Sadly, most people probably wont ever see this article because it's a) in a magazine b) longer than the 3.5-minute American-attention-span limit c) yet another depressing example of covert politics run amok: Even before the bombs fell on Baghdad, a group of senior Pentagon officials were plotting to invade another country. Their covert campaign once again relied on false intelligence and shady allies. But this time, the target was Iran. BY JAMES BAMFORD in Rolling Stone magazine

ÌìÍíÎîÏïĨĩĪīĬĭĮįİı - Heat wave got your salivary glands parched? prepare to drool.

ÌìÍíÎîÏïĨĩĪīĬĭĮįİı - Get yo baby bumpin' the mad hydraulics action in preparation the low-rider hoopdies we'll all ride in the future.

ÌìÍíÎîÏïĨĩĪīĬĭĮįİı - I really dont know what to say about this... or this (because it's all well and good until your child races his little engine down the stairs)

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